All-terrain Vehicle Rider Arrested for Drunk Driving in Morris County

It’s not uncommon for some New Jersey residents to mix recreational off-road riding with alcohol, though the two hardly go well together. Whether it’s a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike, driving while intoxicated can be dangerous. The New Jersey State Police, as well as local law enforcement agencies, keep a watch for drunk drivers on- and off-road. During the summer, boaters caught piloting their powerboats while under the influence of alcohol also run the risk of being arrested for DWI.

Recently, a Bergen County man was stopped for riding his all-terrain vehicle on private property. The criminal trespass charges would have been bad enough, but Mount Olive police also noticed that the rider was intoxicated. As a New Jersey drunk driving defense attorney, my firm has defended folks like Piotr Dabek, the owner of that ATV. He was caught near Crease Road last Sunday after neighbors called police to report a stranger riding his ATV on private property.

According to reports, Dabek tried to run from the Mount Olive police officer dispatched to the scene. After a short foot chase through a wooded area, the officer caught up to the 30-year-old suspect. Bringing Dabek back to his patrol car, the officer gave the man several field sobriety tests, including a balance test, which Dabek failed. The officer then placed him under arrest and charged the man with DWI and criminal trespass. Police also impounded Dabek’s all-terrain vehicle.

Every attorney at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is fully certified and knowledgeable in the procedures laid out in the standardized field sobriety tests as established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Also, each and every one of our lawyers is certified in the operation and maintenance of the Alcotest breath testing machine. This is not an easy claim to make and most law firms in New Jersey cannot equal our expertise in this area.

Any individual arrested for or charged with drunk driving, drug DUI or breath test refusal should consult a qualified legal professional to understand his or her rights. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to offer legal advice — we provide an initial consultation free of charge and without obligation. The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are too serious to leave your DWI case to chance.

ATV rider is nabbed for DWI in Mount Olive,, July 21, 2009

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