Bergen County DWI News: Cliffside Park, NJ, Records Most Drunk Driving Arrests Ever

According to a recent news article, Cliffside Park police set a new record for drunken driving arrests in 2009. As a New Jersey drunk driving defense lawyer, my firm represents motorists from Bergen County as well as Essex, Mercer, Union, not to mention other areas around the Garden State. Being arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs is the first step toward a conviction for DWI or DUI, which can be a serious and costly way to pay for lack of foresight.

Based on the news report, Cliffside Police stated that there were more DWI arrests in the municipality during 2009 than any other past year since records have been kept. Law enforcement officials say that the higher number of arrests for driving while intoxicated goes to increased drunk driving patrols and the additional use of sobriety checkpoints.

The number of arrests in Cliffside Park last year totaled 102 for alcohol-related charges. The money to support the new checkpoints reportedly came from the Cliffside Park Police Department State Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund. For this borough police established two separate DWI checkpoints and operated approximately 12 additional drunken driving patrols. The state funds that support added DWI enforcement come from legal fines and bottle taxes that eventually find their way back to the municipalities.

According to Cliffside Park police, the department made 87 DWI arrests in 2008. That was up from 58 in 2007 and 48 drunk driving arrests in 2006. This year-over-year increase may be a result of ever increasing drunk driving enforcement. It is said that Cliffside Park has one of the more proactive anti-DWI police departments in the county.

Almost all borough officers are Alcotest and radar-certified and have attended advanced DWI Training, including Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmnus.

Cliffside Park PD nets record number of DWI arrests,, January 8, 2010

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