Bergen County, NJ, Drunk Driving and Marijuana DUI Police Blotter

Lyndhurst — a 52-year-old driver was picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol during the evening of May 14. The Rutherford, New Jersey, resident was arrested for DWI, possessing an open alcoholic beverage container in his car, careless driving, as well as improper parking. The incident occurred in the parking lot at 540 New York Avenue in Lyndhurst. According to police reports, the man’s vehicle was observed parked partially in the parking lot and partially in the roadway. After being charged for drunk driving, as well as the other offenses, he released to Hackensack University Medical Center.

Lyndhurst — Hours later, during the early morning of May 15, a 41-year-old man from Milton, MA, was also arrested for driving while intoxicated, as well as refusing to submit to a breath test following a motor vehicle stop on Ridge Road near New Jersey Avenue. Prior to being released to a responsible party, the man was also charged with being an unlicensed driver, careless driving and failure to maintain a lane.

North Arlington — During a routine motor vehicle stop in the late evening of May 8, police reportedly detected the odor of burnt marijuana in a vehicle at Ilford and Prospect avenues. Police determined that both a 16-year-old male from North Arlington and the driver, a 17-year-old male from Lyndhurst, had smoked marijuana. The passenger was charged with being under the influence of marijuana and released to his parents. The driver was charged with having tinted windows, violating his provisional driver’s license for having four people in the car, DWI and being under the influence of marijuana. He was also released to his parents.

North Arlington — A North Arlington resident was arrested in the early hours of May 13 for DWI, reckless driving, refusal to submit to a breath test, having no front license plate on his car and not wearing a seat belt. The 37-year-old driver was stopped on River Road by Stevens Place. According to police, after failing the field sobriety test, the man was taken into custody and his car was impounded. He was later released on summonses to a responsible party.

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Police Blotter 05/21/09,, May 21, 2009

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