Bergen, Monmouth, or Ocean County; Regardless Where a DWI Arrest Occurs, a Strong Defense is Important

The old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” could be applicable to almost any aspect of life. Whether you are looking for an experienced building contractor, a reliable snow removal company, or a skilled legal expert, it’s always best to do one’s homework in order to get the best and most qualified professional on your side. But, while many things in life can be put off, finding a good attorney is not necessarily one of them.

For anyone who has even been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of prescription medications (drug DUI), it is a fact that when staring at potential penalties in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, getting to know a good drunk driving defense lawyer can quickly become a top priority. Here in the Garden State, being convicted of DWI or DUI, not to mention breath test refusal, underage drunken driving, or marijuana possession in a motor vehicle can be a serious event in one’s life; and, one that will not soon be forgotten.

The often serious penalties awaiting those who are found guilty of drunk driving can include not only monetary fines and assessments, but also a likely driver’s license suspension, imposition of an ignition interlock device on one’s vehicle, not to mention the possibility of jail time. As anyone can imagine, being charged with an alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense can have serious ramifications for the motorist and his family.

One of the more important functions of a DWI defense attorney is to provide a client with the information needed to make the right decision on whether or not to fight a DWI charge. Understanding one’s options from the get-go is not only handy, it is often necessary if a client is to have any chance of avoiding a guilty verdict.

My legal team is well known for its rigorous defense of individuals who have been accused of DWI, drug DUI and breathalyzer refusal. For alcohol-related offenses, the evidence needed by the local prosecutor’s office in order to pursue a guilty verdict includes direct observations by the arresting police officer of the motorist’s ability to perform various field sobriety tests, as well as his or her appearance and actions, mannerisms and comportment. Hard evidence, such as the results from an Alcotest device is also extremely important to the state’s case against a driver.

My colleagues and I have a detailed understanding of police procedures and the legal requirements that officers must obey in order to provide a prosecutor with the necessary evidence to pursue a conviction. If we can show that a police officer did not follow proper procedures prior to or during a DWI, there is a good chance that the court might dismiss the case altogether. Similarly, if our attorneys can discredit the breath testing device or the machine’s operator, the results may be ruled inadmissible in court.

For those people who have been charged with a refusal offense, a DWI charge is also included. Having an experienced trial attorneys who understands New Jersey’s drunk driving laws can be a major asset. When you consider the stiff penalties associated with a DWI or drug DUI conviction, there is no reason not to, at the very least, speak with an attorney to better understand your options.

Even a first-time offender who is charged with something as seemingly innocuous as refusing a breathalyzer test can be looking at some serious penalties including up to a year’s license suspension and fines upward of $1,000. In addition, if convicted a driver could also be required to attend 12 hours at the Intensive Drivers Resource Center and suffer the inconvenience and embarrassment of having an ignition interlock device installed on one’s car.

As most people can imagine, the applicable penalties for simply refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test can be overwhelming to some people, not to mention the affect a conviction can have one the defendant’s family and the impact it could have on personal and professional relationships. Because of this, we highly recommend discussing your DWI arrest with a skilled DWI-DUI lawyer before talking to the local prosecutor and certainly before stepping foot into a courtroom.

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