Burlington County Woman Arrested in North Arlington, NJ, After Crash; Charged with Drug DUI, CDS Possession

There’s nothing like a traffic accident to draw attention to a driver who may be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs or a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) such as cocaine or meth. As a New Jersey drunken driving defense attorney, I and my staff understand the potential of a DWI or drug DUI arrest. In either situation, state and local police have little tolerance for motorists who drive while intoxicated.

Furthermore, getting into an accident, no matter how minor, will only make things worse for a driver who may have already violated New Jersey’s anti-drunk driving laws. Not long ago a woman was arrested in North Arlington, NJ, after apparently losing control of her vehicle and hitting some parked cars. As Bergen County DWI defense lawyers, my firm handles cases not unlike this, which include multiple charges, potentially stiff fines and even possible jail time, depending on the individual circumstances.

According to news reports, in the early morning hours on a Friday police received a call regarding a car accident along Newell Place in North Arlington. Officers responded to the scene at about 12:30am to find that a black Mercedes-Benz had hit three parked vehicles. The driver was attempting to get out of her car when police approached the car.

Based on police reports, the suspect, 30-year-old Linda Ortiz, allegedly had a white powdery substance beneath her nose, which the responding officers believed to be Ketamine, a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). The woman reportedly was unable to stand or speak coherently to the police, which led them to believe she was under the influence of the drug.

Upon searching her vehicle, police found additional evidence of the substance believed to be Ketamine. According to reports, Ortiz was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled dangerous substance, as well as drug DUI. Police issued the woman summonses for driving while intoxicated and possession of drugs in a motor vehicle. The vehicle was impounded and she was subsequently released to a responsible party.

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