Cranford, NJ, Drunken Driving Police Blotter: Officers Take in Several Drivers for Alleged DWI

In the course of driving throughout the Garden State, there’s a good chance that a percentage of motorists have seen roadside traffic stops from time to time. Whether those police stops are conducted at night or during the daytime; on the parkway or in the city, every week there are numerous New Jersey and out-of-state drivers who are stopped by state troopers or municipal cops for what may appear to be a rather minor traffic violation, but which ends up costing those people hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We’re talking, of course, about those traffic stops that develop into an alcohol or drug-related arrest. While not every police stop ends in an arrest for DWI or a summons for drug DUI, many New Jersey motorists in counties such as Bergen, Ocean and Monmouth discover the hard way that drinking and driving can land them in a courtroom to explain themselves before a judge.

This is where my law firm comes into play. As DWI defense attorneys and experienced trial lawyers, my legal staff understands this state’s drunken driving laws. We also understand the way in which otherwise law-abiding individuals can find themselves in the back of a police cruiser on the way to the local police department for a breath test and possible charges. Regardless of the final determination — be it impaired driving due to beer, wine or liquor; or some controlled dangerous substance (CDS) such as marijuana, cocaine or meth – the costs can be high.

These events usually begin innocently enough, with a minor traffic infraction or other driving “mistake.” The following news items out of Union County illustrate just a few of the numerous scenarios that can wind a driver up in traffic court on charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired driving due to doctor prescribed medication (drug DUI).

Cranford Officers Arrest Scotch Plains Driver for DWI Patrolmen stopped the driver of a Lexus for a series of traffic offenses, including a couple red light violations, early on a Sunday morning. During the traffic stop, the 37-year-old Union County man was apparently determined to be drunk and was taken into custody. In addition to being charged with DWI, the driver was also served with summonses for breath test refusal and careless driving. He was later released pending a hearing date in Cranford Municipal Court.

In another incident just an hour or so later that same day, police pulled a 2004 Dodge over for failure to stay right. The 49-year-old Rahway resident was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and taken to police headquarters for processing.

A third non-drunk driving arrest came in the evening when the driver of a ’91 Honda was stopped around 9:30pm along a stretch of Centennial Ave. near Hayes St. reportedly for a stop sign offense. During the traffic stop, officers arrested the 24-year-old driver from Avenel on charges of marijuana possession (under 50gm) and having drug paraphernalia. The Middlesex County man was issued summonses the original traffic violation and for CDS possession in a motor vehicle. He was subsequently released pending a municipal court hearing.

Cranford Police Make Arrests For Drugs, DWI;; August 10, 2013

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