Driver Charged with DWI after Going the Wrong Way and Colliding with a Tractor Trailer

As New Jersey drunk driving defense attorneys, my colleagues and I are dedicated to helping those individuals who have been accused of DWI or operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of prescription drugs or illicit substances (drug DUI). While we do not condone the act of driving while impaired, we are nonetheless committed to assisting motorists who believe that they were unjustly or erroneously charged with a serious alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense.

As many people may understand, some defendants in DWI-DUI cases also have the complication of a roadway accident to contend with. Since every person has the right to legal representation under the law, we are ready to act in our clients’ best interests. Having said that, we must from time to time question the choices that some individuals make when they mix alcohol and automobiles; setting oneself up for potential injury or death is one scenario that comes immediately to mind.

Regardless of one’s stance on drinking and driving, it can be assumed most people know that adding an injury-related or fatal traffic accident to a drunk driving arrest is not the best situation. We do not intend to come off as preachy, but when speaking with friends and colleagues, we often recommend prudence when going out for a drink or two. Quite simply, when it comes to drunk driving and other DWI-DUI violations, we highly recommend that people not make things worse on themselves by pulling another person or persons into their mistake.

This is why we can suggest that the best way to avoid a drunk driving charge altogether is simply not to imbibe if you plan to drive. Here in the Garden State, we see enough carnage on the roadways to know that drinking and driving has the potential to result in much pain and suffering. Some people seem luckier than others, though, like the young woman we read about a short time ago.

According to news reports, a New York resident was more than just a little bit lucky when she was arrested following a crash on Interstate 90 between her vehicle and a semi tractor-trailer. Based on police reports, the accident took place on a Saturday evening in early October. The 26-year-old driver apparently made a U-turn in the westbound lane of the interstate and began traveling back east against traffic around 1am.

New York State patrolmen responded to 911 calls reporting a wrong-way driver in a Honda Accord. Before police could intercept the errant vehicle, the woman’s car struck the rear axle of a tandem tractor-trailer, whose driver acted quickly to avoid what could have been a much more serious head-on collision. The woman, who was extricated by emergency responders, survived, but reportedly suffered a possible leg fracture as well as numerous lacerations. She was treated by EMS crews and then taken by to a local hospital emergency room.

While at the hospital, she was interviewed by state troopers who stated that the woman had been drinking earlier that evening. She was subsequently charged with DWI, plus other vehicle-related offenses and moving violations. Police had allegedly found a small amount of pot in the woman’s car, which resulted in an addition charge of unlawful possession of marijuana. Fortunately for the young lady, neither she nor the truck driver, or anyone else for that matter was injured or killed during the incident. A hearing is scheduled for early November.

Wrong-way Thruway driver charged with DWI,, October 4, 2014

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