Drunk Driving Suspected in Multi-Car Injury Pileup in Newark

Speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol were suspected contributing factors in a horrendous multi-vehicle DWI accident a few nights ago in Essex County, New Jersey. An allegedly drunk driver was in one of two cars observed traveling at a high rate of speed just before they both crashed into three other vehicles waiting for a traffic signal at a busy Newark intersection.

Nine people were injured in the five-car crash at the intersection of Frelinghuysen and Haynes Avenues. Except for the driver and passenger in one of the five vehicles, everyone involved escaped serious injury — those two people were reportedly taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Following the early-morning accident, police detained Rayquan Horton, 24, who they suspected was one of the two drivers who may have been responsible for the accident. Horton, a resident of Irvington, New Jersey, was later charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. According to preliminary police reports, all of the people involved in the accident were coming from the same night club in Elizabeth.

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According to the news reports, the accident scene was a “mangled mess of twisted metal and shattered glass.” Newark police stated that the accident occurred around 2 a.m. on June 17 as the two cars went speeding north up Frelinghuysen Avenue, apparently unaware of the three other cars sitting at a light just ahead. According to witnesses, there was no chance of stopping in time.

Police reported that some of the people involved in the accident were acquainted with the others, however the exact relationships had yet to be determined.

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