Drunken Driving Police Blotter: Monmouth and Ocean County Police Charge Several Drivers with DWI, DUI

Here in the Garden State, one could say that DWI arrests are hardly uncommon, especially at times of the year when seasonal celebrations or holiday vacations mean more parties and family gatherings than usual throughout the state. As New Jersey DWI and drug DUI defense experts, the legal staff at my firm understands the ease with which a normally law-abiding individual can find himself taken into custody by a local or state police officer and charged with drunken or impaired driving.

Although getting pulled over happens to thousands of motorists every year, those who exhibit behaviors that lead a patrolman to suspect alcohol consumption or use of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) could be facing stiff penalties down the road. Receiving a DWU or drug DUI summons can be a nerve-racking experience for most anyone who has never even had a traffic ticket for a simple moving violation.

Nevertheless, quite often a drunk driving summons or an arrest for possession of a CDS in a motor vehicle can begin with the most innocent of driving errors. We see it in news articles and in court transcripts all of the time; Failure to signal a turn, faulty headlights or license plate lamps, and even a chipped windshield can open a motorist up to scrutiny by a municipal cop or state trooper.

Every week, the police blotter sections of many news outlets in New Jersey post the latest arrests and other incidents leading to civil and criminal charges. Counties like Bergen, Hudson, Ocean and Middlesex see their fair share of DWI- and drug DUI-related arrests on a daily basis. As legal professionals dedicated to defending the rights of individuals accused of drunk driving, my staff and I know the laws of this state and understand the methods typically used by local prosecutors to obtain convictions.

Below is a short list of alcohol and drug-related arrests in and around Monmouth and Ocean counties. It is important to note that these incidents reflect the typical circumstances that surround most any kind of DWI-DUI arrest often requiring legal defense to fight various charges.

Lacey, NJ
Following a report of a hit-and-run traffic accident around midnight, police were given the description of the suspect’s vehicle. After a short time, a 49-year-old Manchester man was stopped by officers along a stretch of Haines Street. The motorist was apparently questioned by police after which, according to news reports, the driver was charged with driving while intoxicated, along with other traffic violations.

Another Manchester resident was stopped just after midnight for what must likely have been a routine traffic offense along a stretch of Rte 9 in the Lacey area. Based on police reports, the 24-year-old female driver was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. This arrest came just days after another driver was also caught by police in a nearby parking lot along Rte 9. That individual, as well, was hit with a DWI charge.

In the late evening along a portion of Old Shore Rd. in Lacey, a 21-year-old Local man was flagged over at one of the numerous New Jersey DWI checkpoints that occur across the state each month. The driver was apparently not intoxicated, however police found the man in possession of drug paraphernalia, for which he was charged.

In another case of a driver being pulled over at a drunk driving roadblock and charged with drug-related charges, a 25-year-old Forked River, NJ, woman was hit with charges related to multiple CDS-related offenses. According to the news report, officers charged the driver with cocaine and pot possession, as well as possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Police also believed the driver to have hydrocodone in her possession and that she intended to sell that CDS.

Barnegat, NJ
Police arrested two 47-year-old local men along a portion of West Bay Ave. in the early evening hours after officers observed what they believed to be a drug transaction. Police charged each of the suspects with possession of more than 50gm of marijuana. One of the individuals was also charged with possession with intent to distribute. The other man was also determined to be in the U.S. illegally; he was subsequently referred to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Asbury Park, NJ
A 35-year-old local man was stopped by police along a stretch of Main Street for what was likely a traffic-related moving violation or equipment problem. Though the news report did not mention the actual reason for the police stop, officers ended up charging the driver with DWI.

Bradley Beach, NJ
Two teenagers were stopped by police and charged with underage consumption of alcohol near Park Place Ave. According to the police report, a 17-year-old male from the Woodbridge area and a 16-year-old female from the Fords area were also charged with hindering apprehension.

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