DWI Alert: Sobriety Checkpoint in Marlboro, NJ

In New Jersey, DWI checkpoints are a common method used by police to help reduce the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and fatalities throughout the state. To maintain fairness under the law, our courts have required state, county and municipal law enforcement authorities to publish the times and locations of future sobriety roadblocks. It is our opinion, however, that this information is not always provided in the most convenient or accessible fashion.

We believe that if the public knew about the times/locations of these checkpoints in advance, they would be more likely to stay off the road during those hours, ensuring their own safety and contributing to that of other drivers. Because of this, we are posting the following information:


DWI Checkpoint in Marlboro
Starting tonight, April 10, and continuing through the morning hours of April 11, the Monmouth County DWI Taskforce, in cooperation with the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, will be operating a DWI checkpoint adjacent to the northbound lanes of Route 9. The Marlboro Police Department, along with members from the task force, will pull vehicles over into the New York Sports Club parking lot to detect any vehicles being operated by drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. This announcement is based on information provided by Brielle Police Chief and task force coordinator, Michael W. Palmer.


Police typically employ field sobriety testing and/or a breathalyzer test to detemine a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Any driver who is issued a DWI summons as a direct result of a roadblock is encouraged to retain the services of a New Jersey DWI Attorney. To this end, our lawyers are available 24/7 to provide assistance.




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