DWI Police Blotter: Union County Patrolmen Arrest Drivers for DWI and Marijuana Possession

Whatever the situation; be it a routine traffic stop that results in a DWI arrest, a drunken driving summons received at a sobriety checkpoint, or a breath test refusal charge following a drunk driving stop in the city, there is no reason whatsoever for not consulting a qualified New Jersey DWI defense attorney. The fact is, the state has law enforcement to arrest motorists and prosecutors to prove guilt. At the very least, drivers who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs should take advantage of the experience of a DWI lawyer who knows the law.

Here in the Garden State, I and my staff of knowledgeable attorneys understand how a conviction for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can affect a person’s life going forward. Not only are there stiff monetary penalties, but also jail time for some offenders, as well as other consequences such as loss of driving privileges. The following items pulled from local news briefs show the many and varied situations that can lead to a DWI arrest.

Cranford Police Arrests
Officers pulled a Cadillac over along a stretch of South Ave. near Meeker following an illegal passing maneuver. During the roadside traffic stop, patrolmen apparently found evidence of weed on the driver’s person. The 21-year-old Orange County resident was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana (less than 50g) as well as possession CDS (controlled dangerous substance) paraphernalia and improper passing. The suspect was subsequently released pending an appearance in municipal court.

A driver behind the wheel of a ’95 Mercury Cougar was stopped by police for what initially appeared to be a routine traffic stop. According to police reports, the 31-year-old driver — a resident of Roselle, NJ – was stopped near North Ave. and the Garden State Pkwy. after police observed the man’s car drifting into an adjacent lane. During the incident, the patrolman also noted that the car had a non-functioning left-hand taillamp. During the roadside police stop and investigation, the officer in charge noticed an open alcoholic beverage container inside the man’s car. The motorist was arrested and charged with DWI, having an alcoholic beverage in his vehicle and failure to maintain a lane. The man was processed and released pending a court appearance.

The driver of a Nissan Infinity was pulled over by police sometime after midnight on a Saturday after officers observed the vehicle make an illegal left turn in the vicinity of Centennial Ave. and Raritan Rd. The stop was apparently inevitable, since the driver allegedly cut off the patrol car during the maneuver. According to reports, police arrested the 27-year-old Cartaret, NJ, man for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. The driver was processed and subsequently released pending an appearance in Cranford Municipal Court.

Essex County DWI Arrests
The Bloomfield PD made a number of DWI and drug possession arrests including a local man who was stopped by police after allegedly peering into car windows in the area of the Alfred Ln. and Davey St. According to the police reports, the man was stopped by an officer who noted that the suspect was acting “nervous” and had the smell of burnt marijuana coming from his person. During a weapons pat-down, the officer in charge found a bag of what the patrolman took to be marijuana. The man was taken to police headquarters where police found additional evidence including a glass pipe allegedly used to smoke weed. The individual was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

A Newark driver was arrested for DWI following a motor vehicle accident along a stretch of Glenwood Avenue. The driver allegedly hit a parked car and then left the scene of the collision, according to police. An apparent witness to the crash reported that he saw the suspect drive his vehicle from the scene and then turn onto Maolis Avenue. It was there that police stated the suspect hit another car, causing his vehicle to become stuck in a nearby ditch. Officers arriving on the scene allegedly detected the odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath. They arrested the man and subjected him to a breathalyzer test, which indicated that the man’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) was almost two times the legal limit in New Jersey.

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