Essex County, NJ, Receives Grant Money to Increase Drunk Driving Patrols and DWI Arrests

Like many New Jersey counties, Essex is the recipient of federal funds to cover the cost of traffic enforcement, including increased drunken driving patrols, sobriety checkpoints and other DWI-related policing efforts. As a New Jersey drunk driving defense attorney, I know that not every DWI or prescription drug DUI arrest results in a conviction.

As Essex County DWI lawyers, I and my colleagues understand the law and have years of experience in areas such as field sobriety testing, Alcotest and blood-alcohol testing equipment, as well as municipal and state court procedures. As a former municipal prosecutor myself, I know the kinds of techniques and strategies employed by the state to gain a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription medications.

Police can arrest a motorist for being legally drunk on beer and wine, but arrests and summonses are also processed for drivers who are suspected of being impaired due to marijuana, cocaine and other controlled dangerous substances (CDS).

From time to time, enforcement is stepped up across New Jersey due to national campaigns and other federally funded initiatives, such as “Over the Limit, Under Arrest.” According to an editorial, every year for the past decade New Jersey’s “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” campaign has assisted state and local police officers catch and arrest drivers suspected of operating their vehicles while intoxicated.

In Essex County, a number of towns were provided grant monies in an effort to support their sobriety checkpoints, also known as DWI roadblocks. These towns include Bloomfield, Caldwell and Essex Fells. According to the article, each municipality was given $4,400 in support of drunk driving prevention efforts.

Editorial: Over the limit, under arrest,, September 2, 2010

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