Garden State Sobriety Roadblocks Continue to Catch Some Intoxicated Motorists

Being long-time trial attorneys skilled in the defense of individuals accused of civil and criminal offenses, we understand how there are some people who still are inclined not to take a DWI or drug DUI arrest that seriously. However, as professional drunk driving defense lawyers, we can say without much hesitation that while being arrested may not always get a person’s attention at the time, being thrust into a DWI-DUI court hearing while facing some hefty monetary penalties usually does.

Here in the Garden State, my colleagues and I make it our job to help those motorists who have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or operating a motor vehicle while impaired by doctor-prescribed medication or another controlled dangerous substance (CDS). We certainly do understand the financial burden that a DWI or drug DUI conviction can have on many individuals, not only in terms of fines and assessments, but also in the way that a loss of personal mobility can affect the ability to perform one’s job or simply go about daily life.

It’s always interesting to read about the increase in anti-drunken driving enforcement as certain holidays approach or when vacation season is at its zenith. However, there are always local police patrols — as well as state trooper units — that are constantly on the lookout for potentially impaired drivers. Here in New Jersey, where the frequency of anti-DWI campaigns can be very high, drunken driving saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints are also common. Sometimes, there is no particular campaign in effect, but simply a police presence on certain roadways that have frequent DWI incidents.

When it comes to drinking and driving, New Jersey is in no way unique, but our state does get its fair share of drivers hitting the road while under the influence of alcohol, prescription medications or illicit substances (such as marijuana, cocaine and meth, among others). Once a driver has been arrested and charged by a state trooper or municipal patrolman, he or she must then usually go before a judge to either defend against those charges or admit responsibility and face the penalties.

It is at those sometimes surprising roadside DWI checkpoints that drivers can be caught up in a serious DWI-DUI arrest. And while some motorists may not consider the placement of a sobriety roadblock to be a problem for them now, just have a couple drinks during dinner could mean a charge of drunk driving given the proper circumstances. As professional DWI defense lawyers, my colleagues and I can provide those accused of DWI or drug DUI with a better understanding of one’s options before stepping a single foot into a courtroom to answer for those charges.

The sobriety checkpoint is just one of the many tools that police utilize to net drink drivers. Take for example, a news story from earlier this summer where a roadblock in Lacey Township gave officers the opportunity to arrest a number of drivers who were pulled over at a late-night DWI roadblock. According to reports, more than 750 vehicles passed through the particular checkpoint that weekend, with officers passing out not only summonses, but also informational brochures as part Ocean County’s effort to raise awareness of impaired driving dangers.

In addition to drug possession and other criminal arrests, Lacey PD officers performed the following actions:

— Charged a couple 18-year-old passengers with underage consumption of alcohol — Arrested a 39-year-old Waretown man for DUI and breath test refusal, plus reckless and careless driving — Arrested an 18-year-old woman for underage DUI and reckless driving — Issued a summons to another 18-year-old woman from Bayville for driving under the influence and impounded her vehicle prior to releasing her to a responsible party.
— Worked with ICE agents on an immigration detainer on a 30-year-old woman from Forked River for a citizenship matter.

Lacey Township Police Make Multiple Arrests at DUI Checkpoint,, July 27, 2013

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