Gun Possession while Intoxicated Compounds Drunk Driving Arrest for Hunterdon County Man

In addition to providing legal services to motorists charged with alcohol-related traffic offenses, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are also available for criminal defense in a variety of areas. While a driving while intoxicated charge can cause serious repercussions to most any individual who relies on his or her vehicle to navigate through life, being accused of a criminal act can be devastating even in without a conviction. In both cases, facing serious civil or criminal charges can represent a threat to one’s life and livelihood.

For those accused of drunken driving, it is always recommended that drivers speak with a qualified legal expert skilled in the area of DWI and drug DUI law. Being arrested for impairment by beer, wine, doctor-prescribed medications or illicit substances, such as cocaine, meth or marijuana, can led to monetary penalties as well as the loss of driving privileges and possibly jail time. Needless to say, having an experienced attorney at one’s side when facing a judge can be a plus.

Certainly, when someone has been charged with a criminal offense, no matter how minor, it may be difficult to avoid a conviction without the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Legal representation can truly be an invaluable asset when it comes to any kind of criminal litigation. Whether one is facing serious charges, such as assault and battery, or something much simpler like a basic traffic violation, understanding our legal system is imperative especially when going up against a prosecutor who will likely be vigorously pursuing a conviction.

In addition to DWI, DUI, breath test refusal, and other drunk driving-related charges, my firm provides representation to those people who may be facing other, more serious offenses such as vehicular assault and various felonies, misdemeanors, and ordinance violations. We also represent individuals who have been charged with firearms or weapons violations. While not necessarily in this latter category, a case from earlier this spring reminded us of the consequences of being impaired no matter what the situation.

According to the news article we ran across, a Milford, NJ, man ended up with an added complication when he was pulled over in Middlesex County for a traffic infraction. Based on police reports, the 22-year-old driver was observed by officers as he failed to drive his vehicle along the established travel lane on a stretch of Factory Lane in Milford.

Upon pulling the motorist over, officers determined that the driver was apparently under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. At the same time, police determined that the driver was also in possession of a loaded firearm. Although the driver did have a valid permit for the handgun, he was charged with carrying a firearm while intoxicated. Police seized the gun and permit, then took the man into custody. In addition to the weapons-related offense, he was also charged with DWI and failure to drive right. The court set his bond at $500 pending a hearing date.

Milford Man Charged w/Carrying Firearm While Under the Influence,, May 10, 2013

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