Hunterdon Co. Police Blotter: Drug Possession, DWI and DUI Arrests in Clinton Twp. and Elsewhere

As drunk driving defense lawyers, my colleagues and I have decades of experience in providing legal assistance to motorists who have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated by alcohol, impaired by doctor-prescribed meds, or under the influence of some illegal drug or controlled substance. Depending on the circumstances, if a driver has consumed even a small amount of beer or wine, the opportunity for a charge of drinking and driving always exists.

Now, as anyone who follows the local news understands, there are hundreds of news items every month detailing the near-constant stream of drunken driving arrests and drug DUI charges all across the Garden State. The news is rife with reports documenting motorists who have been accused of driving their automobile, commercial vehicle or motorcycle while intoxicated, not to mention some arrests involving marijuana use, or possession of prescription medication.

As professional DWI defense attorneys, my staff has represented numerous clients charge with a wide array of criminal and civil offenses. From DWI-related car collisions to underage drunk driving and alcohol possession, my firm has the legal background and trial experience to help all manner of clients fight for their legal rights. Living and working here in the Garden State, it is hardly difficult to see the constant police activity on our roadways. The following compilation is just a snapshot of the DWI- and DUI-related incidents typically occurring in New Jersey on a daily basis.

Driver Arrested for Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs
Police reportedly arrested a 23-year-old out-of-state driver following what was likely a routine traffic stop. According to the news, the man was pulled over a little after 11am by municipal police officers who subsequently found evidence of illegal possession of prescription drugs. Police reportedly stopped the man’s ’05 Mustang near the intersection of Petticoat Ln. and E. Main St. after observing several alleged motor vehicle and traffic violations.

Upon further investigation, according to news articles, officers identified a prescription bottle in plain sight which apparently contained Alprazolam, which reportedly did not belong to the driver. The man was later released on his own recognizance.

Police Arrest Readington Twp. Woman for DWI
Clinton Twp. police stopped an ’08 BMW just before 10pm on a Saturday evening, which police said was allegedly being driven westbound in an erratic manner along a stretch of Rte 22. Officers stated that the car was going slowly while swerving back and forth. After pulling the suspect vehicle to the side of the roadway, the officer in charge reportedly smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage.

The 37-year-old woman behind the wheel was arrested and transported to police headquarters where she submitted breath samples. As a result, the driver was charged with DWI, as well as failure to maintain her lane and driving with an open alcohol beverage. She was subsequently released to the custody of another adult; her car was towed away and impounded.

Police Charge Driver with Marijuana Possession in a Motor Vehicle
A 23-year-old Passaic County resident was stopped by police on a Monday morning along a stretch of Center St. in Clinton Twp. for what was likely a motor vehicle infraction. The incident took place around 10am, during which the patrolman stated that he detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the suspect’s Infiniti sedan.

As a result, a 22-year-old passenger in the vehicle was found to be in possession of a partially-smoked marijuana cigarette, plus a small bag of marijuana. The driver was ultimately issued a motor vehicle summons for operating a motor vehicle while on a suspended driver’s license. Following processing, the two were subsequently released on their own recognizance.

Out-of-State Driver Arrested for CDS Drug Possession
A 34-year-old woman was arrested following a traffic stop along a stretch of Rte 22 in the early morning hours on a Thursday, which occurred as a result of a computer search that showed the Mercury Cougar in which the suspect was riding had an expired Kentucky license plate. During the traffic stop, police became suspicious of the occupants’ story and requested a search of the vehicle. After reportedly receiving consent, the officers found a hypodermic syringe, small pipe with white residue, and a metal spoon allegedly on the suspect’s person. The woman was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), as well as drug paraphernalia. She was and eventually released after processing at the police department.

Drug, DWI, credit card fraud charges filed;; June 3, 2014

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