Hunterdon County Police Arrest Motorist for Drunken Driving; Charge Teenagers with Underage Drinking

Every week across the Garden State, individuals are arrested and charged with DWI-related offenses, as well as drug DUI (prescription medication and illicit drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine). These state police and local law enforcement arrests happen everywhere across the state — from Bergen and Morris to Atlantic and Ocean counties – and affect male, female, young and old alike.

As New Jersey DWI defense attorneys, the legal professionals at my firm have the experience and skills necessary to represent people who have been accused of driving while intoxicated, or who have been arrested for possession of illegal drugs — also known as controlled dangerous substances (CDS) — while in their car.

As with any legal case, the details surrounding the arrest are unique, though the circumstances can be similar to other DWI- or DUI-related cases. As always, an individual should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Those who intend to enter a guilty plea on the day of his or her drunk driving hearing should consider carefully the results of that plea; penalties for driving under the influence are rather costly here in New Jersey, and consulting a drunk driving attorney could make the difference between a guilty verdict and a not guilty decision.

Like many other New Jersey counties, Hunterdon has it’s share of DWI arrests and convictions. The following are a couple examples of what can and does happen on a regular basis all across the state.

Clinton Township, NJ
A Frenchtown driver found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle at a gasoline station in Clinton Township. Occurring early on Wednesday evening, police reports indicate that the suspect was apparently intoxicated when officers arrived following a citizen’s telephone call. Based on news articles, a 36-year-old Frenchtown resident was sitting in a van at a gas pump island with the vehicle’s motor running and one tire missing.

The incident took place at a Hess gas station along a northbound stretch of Rte 31 just before 8pm. According to police, the vehicle was parked at the gas island for about one hour prior to the officers’ arrival and attempt to revive the sleeping motorist. At the same time, patrolmen observed that the van did not have its right-rear tire intact, noting that the vehicle appeared as though it had been had been driven on the rim.

Reaching into the vehicle, the police officer in charge switched the vehicle’s engine off and then attempted to physically shake the motorists awake. According to police, the man had the odor of alcohol emanating from his person. The driver was arrested and charged with DWI, while his vehicle was towed from the scene and impounded by police.

Lebanon Twp., NJ
Police responded to an early-morning complaint about a loud party in a home along Rockwood Ln. in Lebanon Township. Based on news articles, a neighbor apparently called the police a little after 2am to complain of a loud party. Upon their arrival, officers reportedly heard some kind of verbal confrontation taking place on the outside of the house, in front of the garage.

Officers reportedly approached a group of two men and a woman, but as they got closer two of the suspects walked back into the house, leaving on male standing alone until he, too, ran back into the house. Police chased the third individual, who was apprehended at on the back deck of the home, where a number of other partygoers were congregating.

Further investigation by the police showed that all but one of the partiers, all of whom were allegedly consuming alcohol, was under 21 years of age. The host, an underage resident of the house, explained to police officers that her parents were away for the weekend and had not given their permission for a party.

During their investigation, police apparently found numerous containers of alcohol in and around the home, as well as some evidence of marijuana. In all, 18 people were charged with underage possession of booze and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

18 charged with underage drinking at party in Lebanon Township,, October 14, 2011
Frenchtown driver found asleep in van at gas pump with engine running, one tire missing; DWI charged,, October 07, 2011

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