Could Science Make It Easier to Drive Drunk? Or Sober Up Prior to a DWI Arrest?

From our standpoint, as New Jersey DWI lawyers representing numerous motorists every month who have been accused of driving under the influence, we understand how drivers can find themselves very quickly under suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Whether one is charged with driving while intoxicated by wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, or if the police believe that a motorist was driving while impaired by doctor-prescribed medications, the penalties if convicted can be quite harsh as well as costly.

In addition to stiff fines and numerous other costs, a driver’s car insurance premiums are certain to rise with every DWI conviction that a driver may receive. The fact is, being charged and then found guilty of drunken driving (or drug DUI) is no laughing matter. It will hurt your pocket book as well as your reputation with family, friends, colleagues and current or potential employers. Avoiding a DWI conviction is always preferable to the consequences; but avoiding an arrest would naturally help keep a person out of police custody as well as the courtroom.

A news article published earlier this year raises interesting questions about the future of drunken driving and the ways to avoid the potential downside of being arrested, charge and convicted of DWI. According to the published report, there is a substance, in spray form, that can reportedly make one instantly drunk. How can this help avoid a DWI summons? The product, according to the manufacturer, can also cancel out intoxication and make a person instantly sober. Science fiction? Maybe, but it is thought-provoking.

The article that we ran across stated that the WAHH Quantum Sensations device reportedly delivers a miniscule dose of alcohol — less than a 10th of a milliliter — directly into a person’s mouth, causing near-instant drunkenness. Designed and developed by a French designer and a U.S. scientist, the device will “get you drunk in a matter of seconds” then return the subject to sobriety almost as quickly. From a legal standpoint, the developers of this spray claim that it can be used to create intoxication, yet the subject could, according to reports, pass any alcohol test afterward.

Billed as a way to “enjoy the pleasure” of drinking alcohol while avoiding the worry about “negative consequences.” The makers of the spray also state that their product contains 1,000-times less alcohol than a typical alcoholic beverage, which explains why they say the product only provides “the briefest lightheadedness” in those who use it.

Apparently, since a single application is many times less potent than any full serving of beer, wine or hard liquid, a driver could essential take the spray once or several times and still not be legally intoxicated. Only time will tell whether this product becomes a common item at convenience stores and other retail establishments, but it is possible that this could become the future of a “spraying and driving” law in states like New Jersey and elsewhere.

Naturally, if you or someone you know is arrested for DWI or accused of drug DUI or other impaired driving charge, make sure that they contact a qualified drunken driving lawyer to better understand their options going forward.

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