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The busiest police department in the county for issuance of DWI offenses is Middletown Township. In fact, the Middletown Municipal Court handled over 250 driving while intoxicated summonses over the eight months ending April 4, 2012. While most of these were first offense cases, the court had its fair share of second, third and subsequent offenses. The lawyers at our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, had the opportunity to defend many cases in the Township of Middletown over this period as we are the largest DWI defense firm in Monmouth County. We were able to achieve excellent results for many of those who we represented and this is probably attributable, at least in part, to our exceptional experience and qualifications.

The attorneys at the firm are clearly the most credentialed of any in the state. I honestly would never make this statement if their was any question in this regard. While their may only be fifty or so attorneys in the state who are certified on the breath test machine, and a handful in the county, we have five (i.e. approximately 10% of all of them) of them at our firm. We also have three of the five lawyers in the state who possess their certification as instructors in field sobriety testing. I do not believe the Middletown Police Department even has a certified instructor. When we walk into court and/or conduct a trial in Middletown, we usually know far more than the typical police officer about the machine used to measure our client’s blood alcohol and also the tests used as the basis for the subject arrest and/or proving a DUI once the breath readings are eliminated. We are also the only law firm in the state with New Jersey’s version of the Alcotest 7110 – the breath test machine. This allows for obvious benefits when we are preparing a case or testing our arguments. When you combine this training and qualifications with the fact that we have been defending DWI in the county for a combined period that exceeds 100 years, including serving as prosecutors throughout the area, you have a prescription for results.

Give us a call if you have been charged with a DWI offense in Middletown NJ. An attorney will be more than happy to review your case and discuss how we would go about defending your first, second, third or subsequent driving while intoxicated violation.

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