Monmouth County DWI News: New Jersey Nets’ Pre-game Host, Bob Lorenz, Charged with DWI

While it’s not unusual for entertainment personalities to find themselves arrested for DWI, drunk and disorderly,driving under the influence (DUI) of prescription drugs or illicit substances such as marijuana, it is nonetheless a serious offense that gets most people’s attention. One thing that a DWI arrest can do is get the attention of an individual’s employer, with negative ramifications.

Here in the Monmouth County, my staff of experienced New Jersey drunken driving defense attorneys understands the potentially embarrassing and career-altering effects of a drunken driving arrest. Jobs have been lost over less these days; and a DWI or DUI conviction is sure to put some pressure on an employer to reconsider one’s standing with an organization. The term “liability” comes to mind, especially in the case of some more famous, yet potentially expendable personalities.

While there is nothing good about a drunken driving conviction, there are significant monetary penalties associated with one. Higher insurance rates, even for first-time offenders can place a financial burden on some motorists, while jail time is another issue that few people are happy to talk about.

Not long ago, the host of New Jersey Nets pre-game and post-game shows, Bob Lorenz, was arrested in an out-of-state DWI incident. According to news reports, Lorenz was found by local police officers in his vehicle on a public road, apparently drunk and allegedly barely conscious. News reports also mentioned that the vehicle was in gear and idling when police arrived on the scene.

Based on information from local police, the Lorenz was taken into custody on drunken driving charges after a police patrol found the 48-year-old commentator slumped over the wheel of his vehicle on a Wednesday morning in Westport, NY. According to news articles, the vehicle was apparently stopped at the crossroads of Compo Road S. and Bridge St. Patrolmen arriving on the scene stated that they found the man in the driver’s seat of the car in an unresponsive condition; police noted that the engine of that vehicle was still running at idle and the transmission was still in drive.

According to police reports, as the officers attempted to rouse Lorenz, he apparently came to and began to accelerate the vehicle slowly away from the officers and across the intersection. The patrolmen began to run alongside the car as they reportedly yelled at the driver to come to a stop. Lorenz eventually heard them, apparently bringing the vehicle to a complete stop just before it was about to contact a utility pole on the roadside of Green’s Farms Rd.

Police reports indicate that the man could not be understood as he was mumbling his words. The officers at the scene of the incident detected what they described as the “strong odor” of alcohol on the suspect’s breath. Once police were able to get him to take several of the standardized field sobriety tests, he reportedly failed each of them.

Taken into custody and charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, the play-by-play announcer was reportedly unable to post his bail and was eventually brought to the Norwalk Superior Court for arraignment on his DWI charges.

Yankees TV host Bob Lorenz charged with DUI,, February 9, 2012
Yankees TV Host Charged With DUI,, February 9, 2012

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