Monmouth County DWI Police Blotter: Middletown Twp. Police Charge Numerous Individuals with DWI, Other Offenses

Middletown police filed multiple arrests in late April and early May for motorists in the area who were suspected of drunken driving and other DUI-related traffic offenses. As Garden State DWI defense lawyers, my team of experienced trial attorneys understand the fear and apprehension that a drunk driving arrest can cause the average person. But regardless of the circumstances under which a driver has been accused of intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle, the prudent course is often to contact a qualified DWI lawyer for advice and counsel.

Although the state of New Jersey has banned plea bargaining in cases of DWI and drug DUI, there are still instances where the state’s evidence does not hold up in court. As such, a skilled drunk driving defense lawyer has the litigation background and legal training to handle a DWI-DUI case and perhaps lessen or reduce the potential penalties following a drunken driving conviction. There are occasions where the court will dismiss a DWI charge, based on lack of evidence or improper police procedures that are specified by law.

As with many kinds of criminal and civil court cases, the secret to avoiding a conviction or obtaining a downgrade in charges, and therefore penalties, is identifying certain points that will help to undermine the prosecution’s case against the defendant. Interesting enough, many DWI and drug DUI charges arise from what began as a simple or relatively routine traffic stop.

Flouting traffic law, or even committing a simple driving error, can result in a police stop and, perhaps, an arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The following items from local police department arrest blotters illustrate the typical situations that can ultimately result in drunken driving charges
Middletown Twp. Police officers arrested a 33-year-old local man after what appears to have been some kind of police traffic stop. According to news reports, the suspect, who lives on Sycamore Avenue in Middletown, was taken into custody on charges of DWI and aggravated assault by auto, plus a number of drug-related offenses, including possession of drug paraphernalia and drug DUI. Having been found to have an active warrant for contempt of court out of the Howell, NJ, municipal court, the man was subsequently held on $5,193 bail pending a court appearance.

Another individual, a 28-year-old driver from Lincroft, New Jersey, was taken into custody by patrolmen following a traffic-related police stop. The man was reportedly charged by police with driving while intoxicated, as well as marijuana possession (under 50g), plus having drug paraphernalia. He was processed and eventually released pending a hearing date.

A 50-year-old Keansburg resident was also arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in the township of Middletown. The suspect was processed and subsequently released pending a court date.

Based on police reports, a 19-year-old Middletown resident was picked up by local officers and charged with being under the Influence of a CDS (otherwise referred to as a controlled dangerous substance). The patrolmen had allegedly found pot on the suspect, after which they charged the young man with possession of less than 50g of marijuana, plus possession of drug-related paraphernalia. That individual was reportedly released pending a future court date.

Two other young men, each 20 years of age, were arrested for similar offenses by a Middletown patrolman. The two were each charged with pot possession (less than 50g) and being under the influence of a CDS. One of the men was reportedly also charged with having drug paraphernalia on his person.

Middletown Police Blotter,, May 13, 2014

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