More Underage DWI Arrests Pepper Morris County, New Jersey, in Early September

A recent underage drinking sting operation in Middlesex County shows how New Jersey is trying to crack down on minors buying alcohol. If a young person drives under the influence of alcohol, the police can also charge him or her with underage DWI. New Jersey has a zero-tolerance policy in this regard, which means that it is illegal for an individual under 21 years of age to have any alcohol in their system while operating a motor vehicle. For comparison, the legal limit for adults is 0.08 percent blood-alcohol content (BAC).

As a New Jersey drunk driving defense lawyer, my office represents teenagers and young adults who have been caught drinking and driving. An underage DWI conviction is serious and can affect a person’s future in many ways. This is why I always recommend that any young person accused of DWI or underage drinking get professional legal help right away. A recent news report compiled a number of underage drinking and alcohol possession arrests by Madison police.

On September 2 just after 10pm, Patrolmen Kenneth Shannon and Sean Plumstead arrested 18-year-old Matthew B. Faberzak of Farmingdale and charged him with attempted purchase of alcohol while underage. The officers saw Faberzak leaving Rose City Liquors without making a purchase and inquired with the counter person as to the circumstances. Faberzak reportedly presented an ID belonging to a family member but was unable to produce a second form and was denied his purchase. After a brief investigation, officers stopped Faberzak in the Stop and Shop parking lot. Faberzak was placed under arrest and later released pending his court appearance.

On September 3, around 9:30pm, Patrolman James Cavezza arrested 18-year-old Samantha R. Smith of Staten Island, NY, and charged her with attempted purchase of alcohol while under age. According to reports, Cavezza had seen Smith enter Rose City Liquors and believed she was less than 21-years-old. As another officer spoke to the cashier who verified that Smith tried to purchase alcohol with fake ID, she was stopped on Kings Road by Cavezza. Smith was ultimately arrested and later released pending her court appearance.

In the early evening of September 8, Patrolmen Kenneth Shannon and Sean Plumstead arrested 19-year-old Anthony D. Sansone of Clark, NJ, and charged him with underage possession of alcohol. Also arrested was 20-year-old Alex M. Saltzburg of Cherry Hill who was charged with purchase of alcohol while under the legal age. Reports indicate the officers witnessed Saltzburg enter two different liquor stores and purchase a total of 102 keystone cans of beer while Sansone waited in the car. It was later learned that he used a family member’s ID to make the purchases. Both were arrested and later released pending their court appearance.

Madison police make arrests for DUI, underage possession of alcohol and attempts to purchase alcohol by underage youths,, September 16, 2009

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