Morris County Police Blotter: DWI Accident Leads to DWI; Other Alleged Drunk Drivers Arrested

A driver from the Dover area was recently taken into custody by officers from the Randolph Township Police Department after an investigation revealed that the driver may have been intoxicated at the time of the wreck. According to reports, patrolmen responded to a car accident along a stretch of Everdale Rd. earlier in the year when the suspect’s car plowed through a snow bank and hit a tree. The crash, as reported in a more recent news article, took place on March 22.

Based on information from the Randolph PD, one of the officers responding to the apparent single-vehicle crash noted that the driver allegedly had a “strong smell” of alcohol on his breath at the scene of the collision. Apparently, it was decided to charge the individual on several counts, including driving under the influence of alcohol (or DUI) and refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test, as well as reckless driving. There was no mention of a court date.

In another instance of alleged drunken driving, a resident of Rockaway, NJ, was stopped by local police after police received word of a motorist operating a motor vehicle in an erratic fashion, and allegedly almost striking a pedestrian in the process. Based on police reports, a 49-year-old local man was operating his vehicle in the mid-afternoon on school property, specifically the Morris Hills High School parking lot.

The incident, which happened around 3pm on a Wednesday, involved the suspect driving through the high school parking lot, hitting a “Do Not Enter” sign and nearly hitting a person on foot. Police came upon the scene and made a police stop, during which the motorist supposedly ignored instructions from the patrolmen and reportedly resisted the officers’ requests.

The man was eventually placed under arrest and charged with breath test refusal, leaving the scene of a car accident, failing to report a traffic collision, careless and reckless driving, failing to stop, and not wearing a seatbelt, among others. Later, following his booking, the driver was released to the care of the medical staff at St. Clare’s Hospital.

In a third instance of apparent drunk driving, Long Hill police officers stopped a car that was being driven on a flat tire early on a Sunday morning. The police stop took place in the vicinity of Mountain and Johnson avenues a little before 2am on June 8th. A 43-year-old Bernardsville man was arrested and taken into custody, having been charged with reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle without proper driver’s license, lack of insurance, and no vehicle registration.

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