New Jersey Drunk Driving Defense News: Bergen County DWI and Drug DUI Police Blotter

With so many drivers on the road it’s no surprise that drunken driving arrests occur every day all across the Garden State. As a New Jersey DWI defense attorney with offices throughout the state, I’ve dealt with a wide variety of motorists who have been charged with drunken driving or prescription drug DUI. Our Bergen County drunk driving defense lawyers have the experience to handle cases not unlike the ones reported below.

According to news articles, a car was pulled over as part of an early morning traffic stop which looked like a case of CDS possession and possible drug DUI. Officers had apparently noticed that the man’s passenger was not wearing a seat belt just before 4am on a Monday. Based on the police report, the stop occurred at the corner of Jackson Plc. and Rutherford Ave. in Lyndhurst. While interviewing the two occupants, patrolmen observed that the 19-year-old passenger had a quantity of the prescription drug Xanax on his person. Determining that the man did not have a prescription for the medication, police charged him with possession of prescription drugs and failure to wear a seatbelt.

In another instance, an early Sunday morning police patrol clocked a vehicle on Rutherford Ave. going 59mph in a 40 zone. Police caught up to the suspect vehicle and pulled it over as part of a routine speeding stop. Upon further investigation, patrolmen apparently detected evidence of possible alcohol consumption. The 36-year-old driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). Based on police reports, the man was also issued summonses for lack of vehicle registration and insurance.

A patrol car came upon an apparently drunken driver in the parking lot of a Walgreen’s drug store in the early morning hours on a Saturday. Based on reports, officers found the 34-year-old driver apparently asleep and lying over the center console of her car. Police also noticed a 13-month-old baby crying in the back seat. Awaking the driver, the officers were able to question her and found out that she was under the influence of several medications. Police took the woman back to police headquarters for testing. She was later charged with DWI and driving while intoxicated with a juvenile present in a motor vehicle. She was subsequently released to a responsible party and the baby was turned over to other family members.

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