Garden State Police Charge Two Drivers with DWI in Separate Traffic Accidents

Morris County DWI Crash
Police responding to a Monday night car accident between two vehicles ended up arresting a Pompton Plains resident for driving while intoxicated. The collision occurred along a section of the Newark Pompton Turnpike near Route 23. As a New Jersey drunken driving defense attorney, I’ll tell you right now that getting into a traffic accident and then being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication will not bring you any sympathy in a courtroom.

According to news reports, 20-year-old Matthew Ricucci hit another vehicle from behind just before 11pm in the evening. The other car, a black Honda, was being driven by 34-year-old Patria Espinet of Paterson, NJ. At the scene of the crash, Espinet told emergency responders that his neck hurt, after which he was transported to Chilton Memorial Hospital by personnel from the Pompton Lakes-Riverdale EMS.

During the investigation at the scene of the accident, patrolmen detected the odor of alcohol on Ricucci’s breath. According to police reports, the man admitted to having some alcoholic beverages prior to the accident. Police asked the man to perform several field sobriety tests, and then later to take a breathalyzer test at police headquarters. No blood-alcohol content (BAC) reading was given, however police did charge the man with drunken driving, as well as alleged careless driving. He was released pending a Municipal Court hearing.

Drunk Driving Arrest in Passaic County
A 34-year-old Newark resident was stopped by police officers after patrolmen observed a vehicle traveling very slowly and apparently being driven erratically, as well. The traffic stop happened along a portion of Route 46 just before 1am on a Saturday.

According to news reports, 34-year-old Edgar Izurieta was driving a Ford Explorer on Rte 46 near Paulison Ave. After police stopped the man’s truck, the officers noticed signs of intoxicated. Suspecting that the man was operating his vehicle in an impaired state, the patrolmen had the subject take several field sobriety tests, which he allegedly failed.

Izurieta was arrested and taken to police headquarters where officers had the man take a breathalyzer test. As a result, the driver registered a BAC reading of 0.10 percent. He was subsequently charged with drinking and driving. Also included in the charges was failure to maintain his lane, driving without a valid driver’s license, DWI in a school zone, and impeding traffic.

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