New Jersey Drunk Driving News: Man Charged with DWI after Crashing Into Pickup Truck

Something that seems to go hand in hand with intoxicated driving are traffic accidents. As a New Jersey DWI defense lawyer, I and my associates know that moving violations and property damage usually don’t help when it comes to defending an individual against a drunk driving charge. The bottom line is, few if any police officers, prosecutors or judges will look kindly on a motorist who not only allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol, but may have caused an accident or injuries while doing so.

And don’t think that injuring yourself will gain you any sympathy in traffic court. The authorities maintain a dim view of anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while impaired due to alcohol, prescription drug or illegal drug (CDS) use. When in doubt, save yourself the headaches and call a cab, a good friend or a family member to drive you home.

A recent news article shows what can happen to a driver who may have had a bit too much to drink. According to reports, a Lower Township resident was charged with driving while intoxicated and then causing a traffic accident out in Middle Township.

The incident occurred on an early Friday evening as Felipe Nieves was traveling eastbound along Route 47 near Fulling Mill Road. Just before 7pm, the 41-year-old’s Saturn reportedly crossed into the opposing lane and crashed head-on into a pickup truck driven by John Marsden of Middle Township. Nieves’ car went into a nearby ditch, while Marsden’s truck went into a nearby yard.

Rescue crews arriving on the scene had to extract Nieves from his car. He was then treated and transported via helicopter to the Regional Trauma Unit at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City. Nieves suffered serious head, neck and internal injuries as a result of the crash, according to the news. Fortunately, the driver of the pickup was reportedly uninjured.

Police apparently charged Nieves with driving while intoxicated. The accident reportedly shut down Route 47 for close to an hour as emergency crews cleared the scene.

Lower Township man accused of DWI and causing accident in Middle Township,, July 10, 2010

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