Jersey Police Report Numerous DWI/DUI Accidents in Hudson County, NJ

Regardless of location, be it Ocean, Bergen, Middlesex County or any of the dozens of cities and towns that make up the Garden State, drunken driving arrests occur randomly yet with extreme frequency. In fact, it’s rare to pick up a news paper or go online and not read of a police arrest arising from a motorist who allegedly was driving while intoxicated.

As New Jersey DWI defense attorneys, I and my colleagues routinely meet individuals accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, doctor-prescribed medications (drug DUI), and even illicit drugs and illegal substances, such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. In all these cases, the circumstances are going to be slightly different, although the outcome of any one drunk driving or impaired driving case can mean stiff fines and monetary penalties, loss or suspension of driver’s license, and occasionally jail time.

Just as in many counties across the state, Hudson County has its own problems with drivers who either choose to drive while intoxicated or may not have understood how drunk they may have been at the time of their arrest. The following news items illustrate the ways in which drivers can find themselves in trouble with the law.

Jersey City Police Arrest Man for DWI after High-speed Chase
A man from East Orange was arrested by police following a high-speed car chase in Jersey City. According to police reports, a Pontiac Grand Am was seen hitting another vehicle in the northbound lanes of Kennedy Blvd, then blowing though a red stop signal before turning east on Danforth Ave. Police gave chase, but the suspect apparently did not pull over; rather the driver reportedly ignored another red light and then drove away on Old Bergen Rd with its lights allegedly turned off.

The 35-year-old driver was pulled over near the intersection of Neptune and Ocean avenues a little before 3am. Police reports indicate that the driver was a convicted drug dealer who had been freed back in August. The man was charged with DWI, eluding police, careless driving, ignoring two stop lights, and crossing a double yellow centerline. In addition to these charges, the driver was also hit with a summons for breath test refusal, following three unsuccessful attempts to blow into the breathalyzer.

Road Rage Incident Nets Driver with DWI and Assault Charges
Police charged a driver from Union City, NJ, with driving while intoxicated following an incident where the motorist allegedly assaulted the driver of a garbage truck. According to news reports, the arrest took place on a Tuesday morning in November after the suspect allegedly stopped to yell at a garbage truck driver who had stopped in the street to pick up trash.

Police reports show that the 39-year-old man had been traveling north along a stretch of 20th St. a little past two in the morning when he attempted to pass the garbage truck. According to news reports, the driver apparently got out of his vehicle and began yelling at the truck driver, after which he began waving a knife, with which he then reportedly tried to puncture the truck’s tires.

Jersey City police officers arrived on the scene and arrested the man for numerous offenses, including aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, and DWI. According to police reports, the suspect had the odor of alcohol on his breath and was visibly drunk. He was taken into custody and held at the county jail.

Off-duty Hoboken Police Officer Charged with Drunk Driving
Following an early morning rollover accident along a stretch of Clinton Street, police arrived to find an off-duty cop at the wheel of his damaged vehicle. The scene of the accident also included a number of parked cars that had been hit by the officer’s personal car.

Based on news articles, the off-duty patrolman has been with the Hoboken police department for the past 11 years. He was charged with DWI and apparently placed on desk duty pending the outcome his drunken driving case.

Drunk Driver Crashes Car in Kearny, NJ
A 49-year-old driver was arrested and charged with DUI after he apparently crashed his vehicle into a stand of trees along a stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike. The Lake Hiawatha resident was reportedly exiting the Kearny Twp. interchange when he apparently lost control of his SUV and left the roadway.

According to reports, the vehicle drove off the left side of the road at about 2:30am. Police officers arriving on the scene stated that the driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries. While University Hospital in Newark, doctors reportedly confirmed to police that the driver was drunk; police subsequently charged the driver with DWI. There were no other occupants in the suspect’s crashed sport utility vehicle according to New Jersey State Police.

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