Atlantic County, NJ, Republican Candidate Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and Breath Test Refusal

I’ve said it here before, but it always bears repeating; being caught for drunk driving here in New Jersey can affect your family, your standing in the community and even your career. In fact, even a first DWI or drug DUI offense can put a serious dent in your future, whether you are a teenager or a seasoned citizen. While the circumstances may vary, most people find that being accused of drunken driving can be just the beginning of a long, tough road.

As Atlantic County drunk driving defense lawyers, my legal team meets with a wide range of clients who have been charged or otherwise accused of driving while intoxicated. Serving motorists throughout the Garden State as a New Jersey DWI-DUI defense attorney, I understand the seriousness of being convicted of impaired driving, not only in terms of fines and penalties, but also in terms of the stigma attached to such a guilty verdict.

Just last month, the chairman of the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders, Jim Curcio, was arrested for drunken driving. Curcio, who was also the Republican candidate for county surrogate, was stopped by police in the early morning hours of a Sunday. According to reports, Police apparently observed the 50-year-old operating his vehicle without his headlamps on at 2am in the morning along Route 322.

Traveling westbound near Hamilton Mall, police stopped Curcio’s vehicle. Police apparently observed that he was intoxicated and subsequently arrested him for being under the influence. According to police reports, Curcio refused to take a breathalyzer test police needed to determine his blood-alcohol content (BAC). In addition to refusal charges, he was also accused of reckless and careless driving, failure to maintain his lane, failure use his headlamps, and driving without a license.

Atlantic County freeholder chairman charged with DUI,, October 5, 2010

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