New Jersey DWI News: Multiple Drivers, Motorcyclist Arrested in Union County for Drunken Driving

Garden State residents who travel our roadways regularly know that police presence is often quite high. With the highest population density of any state in the Union, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that with so many people living in close proximity, law enforcement agencies dedicated to protecting citizens would also have a rather large number of individuals on the force.

As a former municipal prosecutor, I know how hard local governments, as well as the state itself, work to maintain law and order in such a populated area. But as drunk driving lawyers, we at the law offices of Jonathan F. Marshall also understand that with such a high volume of traffic citations and arrests for impaired driving and other motor vehicle violations, there are mistakes made from time to time, with some motorists being unjustly accused of offenses for which they are not responsible.

Anyone who has received a summons for DWI, drug DUI, breathalyzer test refusal or other alcohol or drug-related traffic offense should take advantage of knowledge and experience of a qualified DWI defense attorney. If and when the moment comes, it is reassuring to know that one’s rights are being protected by an aggressive trial lawyer with the skills to fight the state’s charges.

For those who wonder what it might be like to be arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, just take a look at the local news outlets for a peek into the goings on. There is no magical combination of vehicle operation and use of alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit substances that gets people in trouble with the law. It’s usually driver error that draws an officer’s attention, after which, if the motorist has been drinking or taking drugs to the point of impairment, there could be an arrest just around the bend.

Take the two DWI incidents that happened on a weekend in April, which caused police to charge a couple drivers with DWI. In the first instance, a 26-year-old motorcycle rider from Kearny, NJ, reportedly made what the officer in charge described as an improper turn and which led to the biker losing control of this mount. The ensuing traffic stop resulted in the rider being arrested for DWI.

A day later, another person was picked up by police after officers stopped a ’91 Toyota because of a malfunctioning taillamp. The incident took place around 5pm when a 63-year-old local resident was driving through the Cranford area. Following what would have normally been a routine traffic stop, the officer apparently detected evidence of alcohol consumption on the suspect’s person. After a short roadside investigation, the driver was arrested for drunken driving, processed and eventually released pending his court appearance.

In a similar instance over in Fanwood, police officers stopped a vehicle during the early morning hours as it travelled near the intersection of Russell and Paterson Rd. While interviewing the driver, the patrolman reportedly smelled the strong odor of alcohol coming from the man’s vehicle. After requesting the motorist perform several of the standardized field sobriety tests, the officer noted that the man could not successfully complete any of them. The 47-year-old Westfield, NJ, resident was taken into custody and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Finally, in Union Township, police charged a number of individuals with either DWI or drug possession, according to news reports. Around 10pm on a Wednesday evening, officers arrested a man at a local rest stop along the Garden State Parkway. That individual was charged with driving while intoxicated. A few days earlier, local police arrested three individuals, including a juvenile, for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) following a routine traffic stop on Union Avenue.

Fanwood Police charge Westfield driver with DWI,, April 13, 2013
Motorcyclist charged with DWI in Cranford,, April 12, 2013
Union Township Police charge 6 with DWI or drug possession,, March 30, 2013

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