NJ Legal Defense News: Essex County Driver Arrested for Drunk Driving Following Traffic Accident

Regardless of where you live in the Garden State, local police officers and state troopers are constantly stopping motorists for traffic violations and many times arresting those individuals for drunken driving. As Monmouth, Union and Bergen County drunk driving defense attorneys, my staff represents New Jersey residents accused of driving under the influence, prescription drug DUI, breath test refusal, marijuana possession in a motor vehicle and impaired driving involving illegal drugs.

The types of drunken driving cases that are heard in our traffic courts are as varied as this state’s population, which includes upper and middle class people, as well as legal and illegal immigrants. No matter what the charge, every defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. One such arrest, typical of DWI and DUI arrests that occur every week across the state, took place early on a Sunday morning.

Arriving on the scene of a car crash in the 400 block of Franklin Avenue, patrolmen suspected one of the drivers of being intoxicated by alcohol. The accident happened just after 4am, according to police reports. Officers at the scene reportedly detected the odor of alcohol on the breath of 28-year-old Rene Cardona of Belleville Township, NJ, who was allegedly involved in the wreck.

Officers in charge requested Cardona to perform a number of field sobriety tests, which he apparently did not pass. These kinds of tests are used by police to determine if a driver is impaired. Having failed the sobriety tests, the man was arrested and charged with DWI. He was subsequently released on his own recognizance after also being issued a ticket for failure to exhibit a driver’s license.

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