NJ DWI Defense Update: Chronic Drunken Driving Can Lead to Drunk Driving Arrests

There’s little defense for poor decisions made in haste. Whether that applies to being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, leading to a DWI or drug DUI summons; or if its making the wrong choices heading into a court hearing on a charge of driving while intoxicated, a poor decision in either instance can lead to license suspension, steep fines and penalties and even the loss of one’s job or standing in the community.

Regardless of the circumstances, never assume that a qualified DWI defense attorney is not worth talking to, at the very least to more completely understand your rights as well as the possible outcomes of a DWI or DUI case. As a defendant, knowledge is power. An experienced drunken driving lawyer has the skills and knowledge it takes to negotiate legally in a courtroom setting.

The loss of one’s driving privileges is nothing to ignore, especially if you absolutely need a car to get to work or school. The loss of mobility can not only be a burden on family and friends, who may be asked to help get a convicted drunk driver here and there, but it can affect one’s ability to find a job or even to hold on to one. Before walking into a courtroom unprepared for the consequences, consider a consultation with a qualified legal professional well versed in drunk driving law.

With the right representation, a motorist charged with DWI or drug DUI will be better prepared to fight for his or her rights in a court of law. As New Jersey trial lawyers practicing across the Garden State, I and my colleagues understand the strategies used by prosecuting attorneys to obtain DWI and drug DUI convictions. As a former municipal prosecutor myself, I know how the state’s attorneys approach these kinds of intoxicated driving cases, which can give our firm an edge over those with lesser experience in this area.

As we have said time and time again, suspicion of drunk driving is not, in and of itself, sufficient grounds for a police officer to make a traffic stop. However, as long-time drunken driving defense attorneys, I and my legal staff know that patrolmen will occasionally make an arrest under less than optimal circumstances, from the prosecution’s standpoint. In counties like Passaic, Ocean, Bergen and Monmouth, dozens of motorists are arrested every month; a certain percentage of these individuals who have been accused of DWI could have the charges against them dropped or reduced based on deficiencies in the prosecution’s case.

It should be noted that a properly executed DWI arrest should usually begin like any routine traffic stop, with the officer noticing some kind of infraction, such as an illegal turn, improper lane change, a defective or broken headlight or taillamp, or some other kind of vehicle equipment or moving violation. For motorists who chronically drive while intoxicated, despite the obvious physical dangers, something as simple as a $10 brakelamp bulb that is burned out can lead to thousands of dollars in fines, court fees, increased car insurance premiums and other costs as a direct result of a DWI or drug DUI conviction.

In conclusion, we would add that anyone who attempts to drive a motor vehicle even after one drink is tempting fate. Especially during the height of the holiday season when so many additional police patrols are plying the roadways just waiting for a driver to make that simplest of mistakes, opening the door to bigger problems than simply finding a sober ride home. As specialists in New Jersey drunken driving law, we would like to suggest that anyone who can avoid becoming one of the thousands of New Jersey drivers arrested each year for DWI or DUI will likely be much happier in the long run.

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