NJ Police Blotter: DWI Arrests Include Suspect Fleeing from Drunk Driving Stop in Union County

Here in the Garden State, motorists are not lacking in choice when it comes to selecting a drunk driving defense attorney to representing their interests following a DWI or drug DUI arrest. Whether it’s a routine traffic stop that results in a summons for impaired driving or multi-car accident that points to a driver being drunk behind the wheel, an unending procession of intoxicated driving and prescription drug-related DUI cases is constantly marching through New Jersey courtrooms almost every day.

As experienced drunken driving defense lawyers, I and my staff of skilled trial attorneys have the legal background and professional experience that brings results. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall provides clients with legal representation in cases involving drunken driving, drug-impaired vehicle operation, possession of illegal or controlled dangerous substance (CDS), and breath test refusal, just to name a few.

Especially here in New Jersey, where stiff DWI fines and other penalties await those convicted of driving while intoxicated, there is a large number of anti-drunk driving road patrols and sobriety checkpoints (also known as DWI roadblocks) that occur on a regular basis, both in the summer months and at various times during the year when a major holiday suggests a higher-than-normal frequency of drunken drivers on the roadways.

Whether one is arrested for DWI or DUI following a routine traffic stop, while pulled over at a drunk driving roadblock, or in the aftermath of an alcohol- or prescription drug-related traffic accident, it always makes sense to speak with a qualified DWI defense attorney before entering that courtroom.

I and my legal team are dedicated to helping motorists accused of DWI-DUI, CDS marijuana possession in a vehicle, underage drinking and driving, not to mention a variety of other alcohol and drug-related driving offenses. The following news items provide some insight as to the types of arrests that take place all around the state, every week of the year.

Piscataway Driver Flees On-foot from DWI-related Traffic Stop
Roselle Park, NJ, police officers reportedly had to tackle a drunk individual who was stopped for breaking several traffic laws in Union County a while back. According to news articles, a 32-year-old from Middlesex County was pulled over after a patrolman observed the man’s Cadillac being driven in a careless manner along a stretch of Hawthorne Street.

During the traffic stop, officers determined that the motorist was likely impaired by alcohol and attempted to arrest the man. In the process, the subject apparently broke free and allegedly tried to run away from the scene. The arresting officer tackled the driver before he could get too far and had to struggle with the man further to maintain custody. In the end, the driver was taken to Roselle Park police headquarters where he was formally charged with drunken driving, DWI in a school zone, careless driving and improper display of tags.

No Headlights Nets Driver a Late-night DWI Arrest
A Sparta, NJ, resident was taken into custody by police after being pulled over for not having his vehicle’s headlamps turned on. According to the news, the arrest occurred sometime after 10:30pm along a stretch of Woodport Rd. The officer in charge was on patrol when he saw an ’04 Toyota Corolla pass by his cruiser. Pulling the suspect vehicle over a short distance later, the officer requested the 27-year-old motorist to perform several of the standardized field sobriety tests, all of which he reportedly failed.

Police arrested the man and took him into custody on the grounds of drunken driving. The driver was taken to police headquarters for processing and to take a breathalyzer test, after which police stated that the man’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) was nearly three times more than the legal limit of 0.08 percent. He was charged with drunken driving, careless driving, and several vehicle equipment violations. He was subsequently released to a responsible adult and his car was impounded.

Watchung Police Make Numerous DWI-related Arrests
— A 20-year-old resident of Summit, NJ, arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after police stopped a car in the early hours of a Friday morning. The incident took place in a parking lot along a stretch of westbound Rte 22. The driver was also charged with underage DWI, having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle and possession of controlled dangerous substance (CDS) paraphernalia. We was later turned over to the custody of his mother pending court date. A 20-year-old passenger in the same vehicle was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

— Another underage DWI arrest took place following a traffic collision along a stretch of New Providence Rd around 5:30am on a Tuesday morning. In addition to underage DWI, police also found an open container of alcohol in the man’s vehicle. He was eventually taken to police headquarters where he was charged with drunken driving, careless driving and breath test refusal.

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