Ocean County Police Blotter: Lacey Twp. Officers Net Multiple Drivers on Alcohol and Drug Charges

DWI and DUI arrests are certainly a common occurrence in the Garden State, what with one of the largest concentrations of people in the nation and a large amount of vehicles on the road. But although DWI-DUI is admittedly a year-round occurrence, the incidence of impaired vehicle operation is especially prevalent in the warmer months. Although we just said adieu to our summer, at least officially, the weather is still fine and drunk driving is hardly a thing of the past.

Whether one lives or works Ocean County, it can be seen from local and state news articles that there are a variety of alcohol- and prescription drug-related arrests happening nearly every day of the week in towns and cities all around the Jersey Shore, in places like Toms River, Stafford and Berkeley. These areas are often busy with police activity including DWI stops, field sobriety testing, drug DUI and marijuana possession and DUI arrests.

Regardless of the circumstances, our municipal court system sees a near constant stream of DWI-DUI cases, quite a few of which are thrown out due to lack of proper evidence or improper police procedure. The following incidents took place in Lacey Twp. not long ago.

DUI Police Arrest following Traffic Stop
An early morning police stop on a Sunday recently resulted in the arrest of a Forked River man for driving under the influence (DUI). The incident took place at around 12:30am when the driver was observed by police allegedly unable to maintain his lane. According to police reports, the car was pulled over, after which officers apparently determined that the driver was impaired. He was arrested and taken to police headquarters where he was processed for DUI. Other charges included reckless driving and failing to stay in one’s lane. The man’s vehicle was also impounded by police under the provisions of John’s Law.

Police Arrest Passenger for Marijuana Possession
Police pulled a car over along a stretch of Lakeside Dr. near Taylor Ln in Forked River just before midnight on a Thursday evening apparently because of a burned out headlamp or taillight. During the traffic stop, officers took a 29-year-old passenger into custody on charges of marijuana possession. The man was processed and subsequently released after receiving a criminal summons pot possession and having related drug paraphernalia. The driver of the car received summonses for controlled dangerous substance (CDS) possession in a motor vehicle and for maintenance of lamps.

DUI, Drug Possession Compound Reckless Driving Charges
Lacey Twp. patrolmen made an arrest late on a Thursday evening after pulling over a car whose driver apparently could not maintain his lane. After the police stop, which took place near the intersection of Falkenburg Ave. and Lakeside Dr. in the Forked River area, officers investigating the vehicle allegedly found the 32-year-old driver to be impaired. The man was taken into custody and charged with DUI, as well as possession of weed and related drug paraphernalia. In addition to criminal summons for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia, the suspect was also cited for traffic-related offences including reckless driving and failure to maintain his lane. The man’s car was also impounded based on the provision of John’s Law.

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