Out-of-State Driver Charged with DWI following Fatal Traffic Accident in West Windsor, NJ

Defending drivers accused DWI in here in the Garden State is a task best left to skilled legal professionals such as the experienced DWI and DUI defense lawyers here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. My trained legal team is well-versed in the legal statutes of the State of New Jersey, which include our state’s drunk driving laws. For anyone who wonders if the choice to drive drunk is ever a good one, consider the serious financial penalties and punitive measures that exist to deter people from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or impaired by some kind of narcotic or illegal substance.

Not long ago, we ran across a news article that illustrated the extremely sad results of an alleged drunken driving episode. With the dozens of DWI and drug DUI summonses that are issued every week by police all across the state, a significant percentage of alcohol- and drug-related traffic offenses involve property damage and bodily injury; a subset of these DWI-related incidents sometimes result in a fatality. Whether a charge of impaired driving involves alcohol, doctor-prescribed medication, or an illegal substance (such as marijuana or cocaine), having an experienced professional by one’s side is often essential, especially in situations of death or serious injury.

According to news articles, a well-known area benefactor and avid cyclist was killed in a reportedly alcohol-related automobile accident along a stretch of Rte 1 back in March. The crash, which took place on a Thursday evening, was allegedly caused by a drunken trucker in a commercial vehicle. Based on police reports, 67-year-old Charles Inman died when his vehicle was struck from behind by a Mack truck driven by a 65-year-old Pennsylvania man.

Based on those news reports, Inman and his wife were stopped in one of the northbound lanes, behind another vehicle when the fatal rear-end collision took place. The incident occurred shortly after 10pm near Lower Harrison St. in the West Windsor area. Police stated that the victim’s Lexus was shoved into a stationary BMW stopped just ahead of his vehicle. Also in the car was Inman’s 67-year-old wife who survived the crash, but who sustained a number of serious injuries.

During the police investigation that ensued following the deadly crash, officials charged the trucker with DWI as well as vehicular homicide, this according to the prosecutor’s office in Mercer County. At the time of the news report, the truck driver was charged with a number of related offenses, including aggravated assault, reckless driving and failure to obey a red traffic signal. The man was being held at the Mercer County Correction Center on $300,000 bail, according to the news item.

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