Out-of-state Motorist Charged with Drunk Driving Traffic Accident in Avalon, New Jersey

Being accused of drunk driving in New Jersey is a serious matter. Being charged with DWI as an out-of-state driver only complicates an already difficult situation. As New Jersey drunk driving defense attorneys, my firm is well versed in handling DWI cases for non-residents of the Garden State. A recent news article gives an example of how bad the situation can get for an out-of-state motorist arrested for driving while intoxicated. Fortunately there were no serious injuries or fatalities, which could have made things much worse.

According to police, a 22-year-old man was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol when he hit two parked cars in Avalon, NJ. Police say that the Michael G. Leonard, a Pennsylvania resident, then proceeded to drive his 2006 Mazda sedan off the roadway and into a nearby driveway where the vehicle struck two additional cars. Upon reentering the roadway, according to authorities, Leonard hit three more vehicles. The incident involved a total of eight vehicles, including the suspect’s, being damaged.

The entire event occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 15 on the 1800 block of Ocean Drive in Cape May County. Receiving a call from local residents of a multi-car accident, police arrived at the scene and arrested Leonard for driving while intoxicated as well as careless driving. No other people were injured, although the man was taken to Cape Regional Medical Center in Court House, NJ, for treatment of minor injuries and released.

Motorists do not serve themselves well by drinking and driving. Incidents like the one reported here stand out in the eyes of local law enforcement authorities as well as the municipal courts that try such cases. Being a New Jersey DWI lawyer and former prosecutor myself, I know how the authorities approach a case like this one, which allows me and my firm to provide a comprehensive drunk driving defense for residents and non-residents alike.

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