Police Charge New Jersey Motorist with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol after Hitting Utility Pole

Accidents resulting from drunken driving are typically treated much more strictly by local and state law enforcement agencies when compared to “normal” accidents, such as inattentive or distracted driving. While the results may be just as costly or traumatic for those involved, it should come as no surprise that police have little tolerance for DWI-related crashes.

Being a drunk driving defense attorney representing drivers from all around the New Jersey area, I know how even a simple fender-bender can turn out to be a big deal once the police determine it may have been caused by alcohol consumption. Of course, a property damage accident is far less serious than a crash that takes an innocent life. This is why, no matter what the circumstances, consulting with an experienced DWI defense lawyer is the first step in the process of avoiding a drunk driving conviction.

Recently news reports detailed a crash in Lower Township in which the driver wrecked his vehicle by hitting a utility pole. The accident occurred on Sunday, February 28, in Cape May County, NJ, when a 9-1-1 operator received a call reporting a motor vehicle accident in the 500 Block of Sunset Blvd. The accident itself was described by witnesses as a vehicle-versus-pole wreck.

Patrol Officer Ed Edwards responded to the scene along with members of the Lower Township Rescue Squad. Upon arriving at the scene of the incident, Lower Township officers discovered 42-year-old Denise Leaming standing outside of her 1998 Plymouth Neon.

Leaming, a resident of Camden County, NJ, appeared to the officers to be inebriated. The allegedly intoxicated woman had facial injuries, which officers believed to have been sustained in the accident. After being treated at the scene by Lower Township Rescue Workers, she was subsequently transported to Cape Regional Medical Center by Lower Township Rescue Squad for treatment of her injuries. Officers accompanied Leaming to the hospital where they requested a blood sample as part of their accident investigation.

While at the scene, officers reported that the telephone pole Leaming struck had caught on fire from damage to the electrical wires. Leaming was charged with the following motor vehicle violations: Driving while intoxicated (DWI),careless driving, and uninsured motorist.

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