Redbank DWI Defense Update: Repeated Drunk Driving Episodes Increase Odds of a DWI Arrest

Regardless of where you live in the Garden State — Monmouth, Ocean, Hudson or Middlesex County — there is no guarantee that when a motorist operates a car, truck or motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol, there will be no consequences down the line. The fact is, anyone who presses his or her luck by consuming even just a little bit of alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel is, sooner or later, going to meet a municipal police officer or state trooper on the roadside.

As experienced drunk driving defense lawyers, my legal team and I know that there is little defense for a poor decision that is made in haste. Whether one considers this as being pulled over by a patrolman for a simple traffic infraction — which could lead to a DWI or DUI summons — or if it applies to a driver making the wrong choices before walking into a courtroom to answer to charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of beer, wine or hard liquor, poor decisions in either case result in some very disagreeable circumstances. These can include heavy fines, months of living without a valid driver’s license, increased car insurance premiums, and even the loss of one’s position at work or standing in one’s local community.

Regardless of the circumstances, nobody should blithely assume that it is more economical to go it alone — that is, without enlisting the aid of a skilled DWI defense expert. Surely, at the very least, it can hardly be a waste of one’s time to take advantage of free, no-obligation consultation in order to better understand one’s rights under New Jersey law when it comes to being accused of a serious DWI-DUI offense.

Here in the Garden State, just like the rest of the country, drunk driving is looked down on upon by nearly every facet of society. Not only the police and other law enforcement agencies, but the court system and legislators; it is hard to find many individuals who are sympathetic to heavy drinkers or repeat DWI and drug DUI offenders. But regardless of the circumstances, any motorist who has violated New jersey’s drunken driving statutes — from first-timers to third-time offenders — should understand that it is very important to know where one stands prior to any court hearing.

As a defendant in a DWI-related case, the old axiom, that knowledge is power, is extremely applicable. It is important to understand that an experienced drunken driving attorney has the training and skills to represent defendants who have been accused of these kinds of serious and potentially life-altering alcohol, prescription medication and even illicit drugs offenses.

Losing one’s driving privileges is hardly something to sneeze at these days, especially when many individuals rely on their mobility to go about their lives, both for work as well as for daily family responsibilities. Losing one’s automotive independence can be a burden, not only on a convicted drunk driver’s friends and relatives, but the situation can also weigh heavily on the person’s ability to maintain his or her job, or even find one in the future. And we are not even speaking of those people who drive for a living.

Certainly, before walking into a courtroom, consider the importance of being fully prepared to meet the state’s accusations. The consequences are far too expensive and inconvenient for many individuals to casually ignore the benefits of having a qualified attorney on their side. You have a right to representation when charged with a serious DWI, DUI, refusal or other alcohol-related offense. As New Jersey DWI lawyers practicing across the Garden State, my legal staff understands the various strategies employed by prosecutors when attempting to obtain DWI or drug DUI conviction. As a former municipal prosecutor myself, I have first-hand knowledge of how the state’s attorneys approach these kinds of drunken driving cases, which can our clients an edge, compared to lawyers with lesser experience in this area.

As we have said time and time again, it is not uncommon for a police officer or state trooper to occasionally make a DWI-DUI arrest under less than optimal circumstances. This can be a problem for a prosecutor when faced by a client who has retained an experienced DWI defense lawyer. It is equally important to understand that in such cases where a defendant steps into that courtroom alone, without representation, the odds of a conviction are much higher.

Please note that a properly executed drunk driving or drug DUI arrest usually begin with a routine traffic stop — such as when the officer notices some type of moving violation or vehicle infraction. These can be as basic as making an illegal turn, improperly changing lanes, or having a burned-out taillamp. For those driver who chronically drive under the influence of beer, wine or liquor, the odds of being caught rise greatly; and the cost of a $7 brakelight bulb can end up translating into thousands of dollars in fines, court fees, and statutory increases to one’s auto insurance premiums.

Finally, it is important to add here that anybody who actively drives a car or truck even after a single beer or glass of wine might be tempting fate. Especially here in New Jersey, where police are constantly on the lookout for motorists who make driving errors, it is foolhardy to open oneself to the possible financial pain of a DWI conviction. This is why, as DWI specialists, we suggest that anyone who finds themselves under similar circumstances, not take the chance and find a sober ride home; avoiding joining the ranks of thousands of Garden State motorists who each year find themselves charged with DWI or DUI.

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