Somerset County Anti-DWI Police Activities in Full-force this July Fourth Weekend

Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in the Garden State is dangerous for everybody, but it could be that much more risky — at least from a legal standpoint — due to the fact that drunk driving enforcement is a priority for the July Fourth holiday already in progress. Whether one travels though counties such as Sussex, Union, Mercer or Atlantic, or any other part of New Jersey, our highways, interstates, parkways and surface streets are currently experiencing greater than normal vehicular traffic; similarly, police DWI-DUI patrols are also increased for this long holiday weekend.

As New Jersey DWI and drug DUI defense attorneys, my colleagues and I fully understand the serious nature of any drunk driving or drug-related DUI arrest. Not even considering the possibility of a conviction for drunk or drugged driving, simply the stigma of being charged with driving under the influence can cause strife in a marriage, alienate one from friends and relatives, and even affect a person’s standing at work or in the community.

As experienced DWI lawyers, my legal team is ready, willing and able to fight for the rights of individuals who have been accused of impaired driving. We do so, not only because we believe in the law and our American legal system, but also because some arrests are faulty and can be proved so. During this time of the year, especially, drunken driving offenses are logged all across the Garden State. Much of the activity during weekends like the Fourth of July can be attributed to anti-DWI campaigns, which can include an increase in the frequency of roadside sobriety checkpoints as well as high-saturation DWI-DUI police patrols.

For instance, consider the news that Somerset County police agencies will be focusing on arresting drunk drivers this weekend. As is often the case during the holidays, especially on as celebrated as 4th of July, friends and relatives gather all around the state to enjoy events celebrating the birth of the United States. In addition to parades and fireworks, family gatherings and friendly picnics are also the rule of the day. And, as with any celebration, some alcohol is bound to be consumed.

The summer is already a time of relaxation and partying, but when Independence Day comes around, the beer, wine and hard liquor that gets consumed is often a warning to everyone that law enforcement will be out in large numbers to enforce DWI and DUI laws. There is no doubt that some people do approach drinking alcohol and driving a motor vehicle, or even a boat, with less concern than they should; however, some people who are otherwise law-abiding can often find themselves charged with drunken driving.

There is a percentage of accused drunk drivers who firmly believe in the heart of hearts that they were not impaired when they were arrested for DWI or DUI. For those individuals, as well as for drivers who believe that the charges may be based on unfair or incorrect observations, our office is prepared to assist.

Still, the best way to avoid a drunken driving summons is to actually abstain from drinking alcohol unless one has a sober ride home, or a place to sleep of one’s high. For motorists traveling through Somerset County this weekend, as well as New Jersey’s many other counties and local communities, it is particularly important to remember that state police and municipal cops will be aggressively seeking out suspected drunk drivers.

As we mentioned previously, the physical dangers of drunk driving are certainly well known, but the legal implications could be costly, even if a driver doesn’t get into an accident while driving under the influence. For the average person who is convicted of DWI, license suspension is a distinct probability, with the monetary costs averaging around $10,000 over time (including fines, court costs and mandatory insurance premium increases). As Garden State drunk driving lawyers, we know how a conviction can impact a person and his family, which is why we advise caution and prudence during the holidays.

Somerset County Law Enforcement To Focus On Drunk Driving This July 4th Weekend,, July 3, 2014

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