Sussex County Police Arrest Woman for Drunken Driving, Marijuana Possession following Traffic Accident

Most drunk driving arrests occur following a traffic stop, where the police officer in charge pulls a vehicle over due to some traffic violation, such as failure to signal or the driver’s supposed inability to properly maintain his or her lane. It is during the traffic stop that any DWI-related evidence may be detected by the officer leading to a drunken driving arrest.

In other instances, a traffic accident may be the initial event that kicks off a DWI or drug DUI arrest. These kinds of incidents can be single- or multi-vehicle accidents in which an allegedly intoxicated driver may have been involved. Due to the impairing effects of alcohol or prescription drugs, traffic wrecks due occur as a result of slowed responses of a person operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of beer, wine or hard liquor. Doctor-prescribed medication can also be blamed for such accidents.

As a New Jersey DWI defense lawyer, I understand the methods and procedures used by law enforcement personnel and the local prosecutor’s office to obtain a drunk driving conviction. It should come as no surprise that a DWI arrest arising out of a traffic accident, especially one involving injuries or death, will typical get the full attention of the court.

A recent traffic accident in Vernon Township, NJ, apparently turned into a drug DUI arrest for one motorist following a collision between two vehicles. According to reports, the crash happened on a Sunday evening after which the Vernon Township Police Department dispatched officers and emergency responders to the scene.

At the site of the crash, police reportedly found a white sport utility vehicle off the road in a nearby field. Officers found the driver, Frances Wasiewicz, still in the vehicle. Based on reports, officers also found marijuana and prescription medication in the woman’s vehicle as well. Police reports stated that there was also a male passenger who authorities say was allegedly gang member with outstanding arrest warrants.

The driver of the other vehicle was apparently injured and taken to the Sussex St. Claire’s Hospital by ambulance. Wasiewicz was taken into custody and driven to police headquarters where authorities determined that she, too, had two warrants from Newark and Elizabeth, NJ, related to non-appearance in court for prostitution charges.

Wasiewicz was ultimately charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a prescription legend drug. She was also charged with possession of a weapon, a baton. Police issued her a summons for DWI, possession of a CDS in a motor vehicle and careless driving, as well as other traffic violations. Unable to post bail, the woman was remanded to the Sussex County Jail pending a court appearance.

Vernon Police make arrest following 2-car crash,, November 26, 2010

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