Toms River Police Blotter: Drug Possession and Drunk Driving Arrests in Ocean County, NJ

For anyone who has not been arrested by police for drunken driving and charged with DWI or drug DUI, we would suggest that for most people it can be an embarrassing, belittling and potentially costly experience. For many motorists, just being pulled over by a state patrolman or a local municipal police officer can be a nerve-racking encounter. Being nervous can have its own drawbacks when a police officer is already convinced that a driver may have been drinking before getting behind the wheel of his or her automobile.

We understand how a normally law-abiding person, faced with a traffic stop and perhaps having had a drink or two earlier in the day might appear a little bit off his game, especially in the presence of an authority figure like a New Jersey state trooper. As experienced DWI defense lawyers, I and my team of highly skilled trial attorneys are devoted to our job of representing individuals accused of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. This also goes for drivers charged with impairment by doctor-prescribed medications (drug DUI) and even those motorists accused of driving under the influence of illegal drugs or possessing a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in an automobile.

For those charged with alcohol intoxication, after the initial stop and arrest, the driver will likely be taken to the local police headquarters where he or she will be asked to provide a breath sample using a breath-testing device like the Alcotest 7110. Should this happen to you, it is wise to remember everything about the arrest, most importantly the circumstances surrounding the actual breath testing as well as the exact blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) reading.

Of course, these events are almost always preceded by some kind of “routine” traffic stop involving a sometimes minor traffic offense. It could be a lack of maintaining one’s lane, failure to signal a turn or a rolling stop at an intersection. Whatever the infraction, it’s likely the motorist will be pulled over by the officer in charge. Some of the typical scenarios leading to a DWI arrest can be found in the news nearly every day of the week. The following were pulled from a variety of sources to illustrate the different kinds of arrests that happen daily in the Garden State.

Driver Charged with DWI and Drug Possession at a McDonalds Restaurant According to news reports, police responded to a calls complaining about a possibly intoxicated driver at a Toms River McDonalds. When officers arrived they found a 33-year-old Manchester, NJ, man who was apparently exhibiting signs of impairment. Based on police information, the arrest took place a little after 3pm on a Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 70. Following the arrest for driving under the influence, police found what they believed to be heroin in one of the man’s socks. He was subsequently charged with CDS possession, DWI and reckless driving.

Driver Charged with DWI after Fleeing from Police Based on news reports, Toms River police officers were led on a chase during a Sunday evening after responding to a minor traffic accident near Hooper and College Dr. As officers were on-route to the accident scene, a call came in telling police that a blue Camaro had left the site of the crash and was travelling southbound on Fischer Blvd. When patrolmen came upon the suspect vehicle, allegedly driven by a 25-year-old, the car accelerated away and led the officers on a chase that ended after the third time the suspect’s car struck a curb at Rte 37 and Fischer. Police ended up charging the man with eluding officers, drunken driving, and other several additional violations.

Drug Possession Charges for Two Ocean County Men
Police slapped a couple of Ocean County residents with drug possession charges following a Sunday evening traffic incident at Tunney Bridge. According to police, a 41-year-old and a 31-year-old were on foot as they approached a closed checkpoint. Officers apparently observed that the men where impaired to some extent and were denied passage across the bridge.

The older man went back to his car and, driving the wrong way, attempted to go through the checkpoint. Police stopped the driver and arrested him for DWI. Further investigation reportedly led to additional charges of narcotics possession and other traffic violations. The other individual was charged with drug possession and subsequently released pending a court date.

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