Union County DWI Police Blotter: Cranford and Clark Officers Make Multiple Drunken Driving, CDS Arrests

For those who have never been stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, it may be hard to imagine what it feels like not only to be stopped for a moving violation, but to be asked to perform a field sobriety test because that patrolman believes that you have been drinking. Forget embarrassment; most people have no idea how nerve-racking and confidence shaking a drunken driving arrest can truly be.

As experienced New Jersey DWI defense attorneys, my firm is dedicated to helping those individuals who believe they have either been falsely accused of drunk driving or drug DUI (prescription medication or illegal substances), or who feel that they have a legitimate case for a reduced charge based on the way in which the traffic stop and DWI/DUI arrest was handled by the police officer in charge. My legal staff is ready to fight for our clients’ rights.

Every day, from news agencies all around the Garden State you can find examples of traffic stops that ended in an arrest for driving under the influence. The following news items out of Union County, NJ, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the shear range of DWI and DUI arrest scenarios.

Cranford Drunk Driving Arrest
A 20-year-old local man was arrested and charged with DWI following a report of a stolen vehicle report on Pine Street around 11pm. According to news reports, police came upon a vehicle matching the description provided by the owner coming off the Garden State Pkwy at Exit 136. Patrolmen making the stop interviewed the driver and determined that the man was intoxicated. They arrested the man and charged him with DWI and unlawful taking of the vehicle, as well as driving on a suspended license (which apparently was the result of a previous DWI conviction). After processing, the man was released pending a hearing in Union County Superior Court.

Teen Charged with CDS Possession following Traffic Stop
A car carrying a 17-year-old juvenile was pulled over by police along a stretch of Centennial Ave. near the intersection of Cayuga Rd. for what apparently was a routine stop for a moving violation. During the police stop, investigating officers found evidence of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) on the juvenile’s person. The teenager was arrested on the spot for possession of 90 folds of heroin. The young man was taken into custody and subsequently charged with possession with the intent to distribute heroin, as well as heroin possession and possession of CDS paraphernalia. After processing, police turned the man over to his mother pending an appearance in Superior Court.

Routine Traffic Stop Nets a DWI Arrest and CDS Possession Charges
Police arrested two individuals following what must have been a routine traffic stop along a stretch of Raritan Rd. at the intersection of Moen Ave. The incident, which took place at 2am involved a 22-year-old Roselle man and a 26-year-old Linden resident riding in an older Cadillac sedan. The younger man, who was driving the car at the time of the traffic stop, was arrested and charged with DWI. The older passenger was also arrested and hit with charges of marijuana possession (less than 50gm) and CDS paraphernalia possession. The driver was also cited for careless driving and failure to produce a valid registration card.

Additional Arrests in the Clark Area
A 55-year-old man from the local area was apparently stopped for a routine traffic violation after which the officer in charge arrested the man and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol. He taken into custody, processed at police headquarters and then eventually released pending a court date.

Other DWI incidents included:
— A 23-year-old Linden, NJ, resident arrested near Raritan Rd. and charged with DWI — Two separate CDS possession arrests; one in the 100 block of Westfield Ave. involving a 34-year-old man. Another based on a charge of CDS and narcotics paraphernalia levied against a 21-year-old. Both men were eventually released pending their individual court hearings

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