Articles Posted in DWI in a School Zone

We’re fast approaching the first day of summer, when kids all over New Jersey will be running toward the exits of many primary and secondary schools. With warm weather finally here and families making vacation plans for the Jersey Shore and other summer fun spots, it is important to remember that school is still in session. And regardless of whether kids are in school or not, local and state police are still keen on pulling motorists over when they are observed making even the most basic of driving errors in a school zone.

Many drivers are likely aware that increased penalties exists for those drivers convicted of intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle while within 1,000 feet of school property, but what most people may not realize is that it makes no difference whether school is in session or if children are present or not, the enhanced monetary fines and other penalties for DWI in a school zone are always in effect.

As Garden State drunken driving defense lawyers, my firm’s legal team understands New Jersey DWI-DUI law. Potential clients visiting our offices can include those individuals who have been arrested for or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, doctor-prescribed medication, or an illegal controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Whichever is the case, if convicted, a driver will be looking at some rather unpleasant penalties.
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