Madison, NJ, DWI and Drug DUI News: Drug Possession, Under-age Alcohol Possession and Drunk Driving

As Morris County drunk driving defense attorneys, my office represents motorists charged with DWI and drug DUI offenses. Incidents of driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, whether prescription or illegal substances such as marijuana, occur with relative frequency all across New Jersey.

Examples of arrests for driving while intoxicated can be found in the news almost every day. The following reports are just a sampling of the kinds of DWI and DUI traffic stops that happen on the roads throughout the Garden State. Regardless of the circumstances, it is always important to contact an experienced DWI defense lawyer to understand your options.

Early in the morning on a Thursday a 21-year-old driver was stopped by police for a motor vehicle violation. The incident quickly developed into a case of possession of drug paraphernalia. According to reports, the Bayonne, NJ, man was stopped for speeding. During the traffic stop the officer in charge determined that the motorist had some drug paraphernalia in the car. The man was taken to police headquarters for processing. He was subsequently released with a summons for speeding and a pending court date.

That same day, an arrest was made for under age possession of alcohol. Police reports indicate that a 20-year-old female driver was stopped by officers just before 9pm following an ID check at a local liquor store. Patrolmen stopped the woman and after determining that she was under 21, the officer charged her with under age possession and purchase of an alcoholic beverage. The officer discovered that the driver had presented the liquor store with false identification. She was processed and later released pending a court date.

In the early hours on a Friday morning, police stopped a driver for impeding traffic westbound along Route 24. According to reports, the officer pulled the driver over after observing the 38-year-old driver doing 39mph in a 65mph zone. After interviewing the motorist, the patrolman determined that the man was driving under the influence. He was taken to police headquarters for processing. During processing a computer check was run on the individual, which alerted police to a $2,758 arrest warrant issued by a Hudson County municipal court. The driver was issued motor vehicle summonses for impeding traffic flow, failure to maintain his lane, careless driving and driving under a suspended license. The man was turned over to the authorities in Hudson County for a couple mandatory court appearances.

Madison Police Blotter,, September 13, 2010

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