Burlington County, NJ, Driver Arrested for DWI after Traffic Accident

There should be no argument about the seriousness of a drunken driving arrest when it comes to an individual’s future; a DWI conviction can impact one’s lifestyle, career and standing in his or her community. Combine property damage or injuries with a drunken driving accident and you can be sure that a court will not have much sympathy for a driver’s situation.

A conviction for DWI, or driving while intoxicated due to consumption of alcohol or prescription medication (drug DUI), can lead to stiff fines and other penalties. Other costs, such as increased auto insurance premiums, can also pinch a motorist’s wallet down the road. If for only the monetary pain, getting the proper advice and representation by a qualified DWI defense lawyer can be critical.

Not long ago, a two-car accident precipitated the drunken driving arrest of a Medford, NJ, man after police arrived at the scene of the DWI-related crash. According to news reports, police were called to the crash site along Tuckerton Road just east of Heath Road. Based on police reports, the accident occurred just after 8pm when 64-year-old Leonard Rosen allegedly drifted into the oncoming lane and sideswiped a 2006 Acura MDX with his BMW.

Rosen was reportedly traveling westbound when he hit the other vehicle along its passenger side. The Acura was driven by 36-year-old Christopher Villar and also contained a 36-year-old female front-seat passenger. The accident resulted in the Villar’s passenger being taken to a local hospital for treatment for neck and back pain
According to police reports, Rosen was arrested at the scene and charged with drunken driving, failure to maintain his lane and reckless driving. The Burlington County resident was released pending a mandatory court appearance. The accident was reportedly still under investigation at the time of the news article.

On the Record, SouthJerseyLocalNews.com, October 02, 2010

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