Middlesex, NJ, Driver Charged with Drunk Driving and Hit-and-Run near Linden

It’s never a good idea to leave the scene of a traffic accident, especially when you may have been the cause of the crash. Add to that the possibility of being arrested for drunk driving and the police, much less the court, will have little sympathy for your position. Other circumstances can also make a drunken driving case more involved when compared to other less egregious offenses.

Anytime that a DWI-related traffic accident happens it is always a good idea to seek advice from a qualified legal professional. As a New Jersey drunken driving defense lawyer, I know the law as it applies to DWI and drug DUI charges. Beer, wine, liquor, prescription medication, medication and other controlled dangerous substances can all be the cause of an arrest for driving under the influence. In any case, the potential fines and penalties can be quite onerous for individuals, especially in these difficult economic times.

A drunk driving arrest in Union County, NJ, provides just one example of the kinds of DWI and drug DUI charges that can be lodged against a motorist. In this case, according to a news report, a man was arrested on a Saturday evening after a local police officer stopped the driver of a pickup truck following a report of a hit-and-run accident on West Edgar Road.

Based on police reports, the patrolman pulled over 30-year-old Ronald A. Kuhl as he was traveling east on Rte 278. Kuhl was reportedly driving a 2004 GMC pickup truck and pulling a trailered boat. The vehicle apparently matched the description of a truck that allegedly hit a car driven by a 22-year-old driver from Elizabeth, NJ.

Kuhl, a Sayreville resident, was charged with DWI, reckless driving, two counts of leaving the scene of an accident due to striking a second vehicle and failure to exhibit an insurance card. Prior to being stopped by the patrolman, a passenger in the suspect vehicle allegedly threw a large object out of a window. That item was later recovered and found to be a shot gun. Kuhl and his passengers were also charged with possession of a firearm without a required firearms ID card, as well as unlawful disposition of a firearm. The Kuhl and one of the passengers had bail set at $70,000; while the other passenger’s bail was set at $40,000.

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