Monmouth County Police Blotter: Multiple Underage Alcohol Possession and Drug-related Arrests, Plus Numerous DWIs

With more than 600,000 residents, Monmouth County is one of the most populous counties in the Garden State, with Middletown Twp. being the largest community within the county. As New Jersey drunken driving defense lawyers, we don’t need census statistics to tell us that Monmouth has its share of drunk driving arrests, represented not only by residents themselves, but also by other motorists passing through or visiting bar, restaurants and other establishments that serve liquor and beer during the year.

One look at the news pages and one can immediately see the many and varied kinds of DWI and drug DUI police stops that occur all over the county on a fairly regular basis. Out in Middletown, municipal police and other state and county law enforcement officers are constantly arresting and charging drivers with an array of DWI-related offenses. Just a few are listed below, as object lessons of what can happen is one decides to drink and drive in this part of New Jersey.

Underage drinking and driving is one issue that the state is clearly opposed to, and our laws and legal statutes make that abundantly clear. However, teens and underage adults continue to push the envelope by pursuing the purchase and consumption of beer, wine and hard liquor. While sometimes provided all too readily by relatives, parents and older siblings, a charge of underage DWI or even possession can have a negative effect for that individual in the future.

The Middletown Twp. Police Department logs these kinds of arrests every so often. For example, on the same day, three men — one 19 years of age and two aged 20 — were picked up by the township’s so-called Quality of Life Unit for underage alcohol possession. Based on police logs, the 19-year-old from Baldwin Avenue was arrested by Patrolmen K. Hirschbein and B. McGrogan. The man was booked and subsequently released pending a hearing date.

The other two 20-year-old suspects, both from Cherry Tree Lane in Middletown were arrested that same day by the same two officers, and assisted by Patrolman B. McGrogan, from the township’s Quality of Life Unit. Those two men were charged by police with underage possession of alcohol, processed and then released pending an appearance in front of a municipal judge.

In an unreleased incident, a couple days earlier, three teens were stopped by police for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the local police blotter, two male teenagers (16 and 17 years of age) and one 17-year-old female were picked up by Patrolman N. Fenezia. All three residents of Roselle Park, NJ, were arrested, charged and processed prior to being released pending a court date at Middletown’s municipal court.

On the DWI front, a 25-year-old driver was stopped most likely for a routine traffic offense, which likely turned into a drunken driving stop. According to the report, the motorist was from the Hazlet, NJ, area and was stopped by Patrolman S. Greenwood. The man was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. He was released from custody pending a court appearance in front of a municipal judge.

Several other DWI-related arrests were also made during the same period, including a 32-year-old man from Morganville; a 19-year-old local teen stopped and charged with underage DWI; and a 26-year-old Red Bank man stopped and arrested for DWI.


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