Officer from Bloomfield, NJ, in Essex County Named Tops in Drunken Driving Arrests

There’s a lot to be said about being in the right spot at the right time; for some people it can mean a job promotion or recognition from the community. For others, however, it can mean a trip to police headquarters. What do we mean by this? Just to let you know that if you find yourself driving through Essex County in the vicinity of Bloomfield, NJ, make certain that you haven’t been drinking or taking prescription medication that might cause you to be impaired behind the wheel of your car.

Frankly, it’s hard not to find a place in the Garden State that doesn’t have at least several drunken driving arrested every week or so. We mention this because another police officer has been awarded for his work in stopping traffic violators and arresting drunk drivers and those who may be impaired by doctor-prescribed meds or even illicit drugs like cocaine, meth or marijuana. As New Jersey DWI defense lawyers, we know how easily a person can find themselves on the receiving end of a drunken driving summons.

According to news reports, a Bloomfield, NJ, patrolman was recognized as this past year’s top cop for issuing drunken driving and drug DUI summonses and citations in the county of Essex. Based on news reports, Officer Luca Piscitelli, who works on the Bloomfield police force, was recognized by a local Garden State organization earlier this year for his efforts in curbing drunk driving in Essex County. The group who bestowed the award on Officer Piscitelli is known as “New Jersey Remembers,” and was formed to honor those who have been killed by drunk drivers.

In his part as an anti-DWI enforcement officer, Piscitelli e made a reported 21 arrests in 2011 of drivers accused of operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. Piscitelli was one of many officers — one from each New Jersey county, as well as one state trooper from each of the four State Police barracks — recognized for their efforts in the area of anti-DWI/anti-DUI enforcement. For reference, in all of 2011, New Jersey police agencies made 30,000 drunk driving arrests across the Garden State.

Another officer awarded for “outstanding drunken-driving enforcement” was Lambertville police officer, Robert Brown, who was given the Top Gun Award for his efforts in Hunterdon County, NJ. According to news reports, Brown was credited with almost 30 drunk driving arrests in 2011. Sgt. Brown was one of 25 patrolmen who were honored with the TG award at the annual “New Jersey Remembers” event back in April.

For those of you who may be wondering which police force employed the officer with the most DWI arrests under his or her belt last year, that distinction goes to Bergen County. Based on news reports, Patrolman Michael Prelich, who works for the Elmwood, NJ, police department, reportedly made more than 80 DWI and drug DUI arrests in 2011. Proof positive that driving while under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances like marijuana, is a risky venture, to say the least.

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