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Understanding the processes and steps that take place during a drunk driving traffic stop can sometimes serve to prepare certain people who may find themselves in similar situations in the future. When it comes to a DWI arrest, not to mention a possible future conviction, understanding the order of things can help in putting the entire drunken driving arrest, prosecution and conviction process in perspective.

Of course, no one ever wants to be stopped and arrested by a municipal police officer or state trooper for driving under the influence of alcohol, but the possibility does indeed exist. And, as no reasonable person would welcome the scenario where he or she is slapped with extensive monetary penalties following a drunk driving conviction, one would have to believe that avoiding such an incident would be all the more preferable to being convicted of DWI and having that mark on one’s record for years to come.

Still, there always exists the chance for a drunk driving arrest, especially if one has had a drink or two before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This possibility is real and exists for any driver who may have even a little bit of alcohol prior to being stopped for some other traffic offense, such as running a red light or making an illegal turn. DWI arrests can precipitate from some of the most innocuous traffic offenses.
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